D Rose in Manila + 3-on-3 Tournament!

D Rose in Manila46

D Rose in Manila + 3-on-3 Tournament!


When in Manila witnessed another phenomenal day for NBA fans as the youngest MVP player of the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose visited the Philippines!

D Rose in Manila6

D Rose Ticket!


Last September 15 at the Araneta Coliseum, Derrick Rose or known to his fans as D Rose visited the country and entertained his fans with his amazing basketball moves.

D Rose in Manila16

Jam-paacked Araneta Coliseum! Fans waiting for their idol


The afternoon started with a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament of boys ages 15-18 from various high schools in the metro including teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Each game was intense as each team was good and competitive. They were given 10 mins each to try to win the title of the D Rose 3-on-3 Tournament.

D Rose in Manila39

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


In the end, only 2 teams battled it out at the finals: Thailand VS. Arellano University.

D Rose in Manila32 

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Finals: Thailand VS. Arellano University

D Rose in Manila24

Intense game between the 2 finalists


The game was really intense between the two teams as Team Thailand used their height to score points while the Arellano University players had a really good defense.

As the game clock comes to an end, Team Thailand ended the game with a bang as they win the D Rose 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament over the guys of Arellano University.

D Rose in Manila10

Adidas–the proud sponsor for the D Rose Tour


After the exciting basketball games of different schools, we were then entertained by the Flip Ballaz—they described their talent as Streetball is Basketball with an added flavor. No rules, just crazy amazing moves.

D Rose in Manila38

Flip Ballaz about to perform

D Rose in Manila29 Flip Ballaz and their amazing, cool moves 


After their wonderful performance, everyone was already pumped up to see D Rose in the court!

And as we waited for his arrival, Adidas sponsored a game for the audience who were wearing an Adidas apparel.

D Rose in Manila7

Lucky audience members wearing an Adidas apparel


Each of the audience player was given 3 chances to shoot the ball in the ring. They only needed one ball to go in the basket and they will win a special Adidas D Rose Cap!

Only some of them were able to shoot the ball. But Adidas was generous enough to give them all a cap! Wow!

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