D Rose in Manila + 3-on-3 Tournament!

After all the activities, it was finally time for us to see the MVP!

D Rose in Manila33

The boys of Boys Night Out

D Rose in Manila25 

Doing the intro for D Rose 


And finally…

D Rose in Manila31


D Rose in Manila19

D Rose in the house!!! And the crowd went wild!

D Rose in Manila14 

Derrick Rose sporting and Adidas Cap—the one given to the lucky audience contestants! 

D Rose in Manila18

D Rose with BNO 


He chatted a while with the boys of BNO and said that he was thrilled to be here in Manila. Fans were all screaming and cheering for him.

After chatting with the boys of BNO…

D Rose in Manila30

The Younghusbands VS. D Rose + Isabelle Diaz


 D Rose finally went down to business and wow-ed the crowd with his basketball moves.

First up was a shoot out competition between the Younghusbands and D Rose + Isabelle Diaz. The soccer players gave their best shots, but they were no match to D Rose’s flawless shots. (And yes, the beautiful Isabelle also helped out in increasing their score)

D Rose in Manila17

Dunk it! And the crowd went wild!!


After the fun game between the Younghusbands and D Rose + Isabelle Diaz, the MVP met up with the two teams who made it to the finals of the 3-on-3.

D Rose in Manila23 D Rose with Team Arellano and Team Thailand 


D Rose greeted each player and congratulated them one by one.

After his chit chat with the players, D Rose teamed up with the winning team, Team Thailand for a 3-on-3 game VS. some players of the PBA like JC Intal and Chris Tiu.

D Rose in Manila34

D Rose taking a shot

D Rose in Manila35 D Rose + Team Thailand VS. Philippine Players


It was an intense and exciting game as each team scored point by point. The crowd cheered and was amazed by the moves and shots of D Rose.

D Rose in Manila22

 And he scores!


The game ended and proved that Team Thailand + D Rose were the real champions.

After showing us his signature moves and styles, D Rose gave away caps to some lucky children wearing Adidas apparel from the audience.

D Rose in Manila8

Children lining up as they get their caps signed by D Rose himself


All in all it was a fun and exciting day for the fans of Derrick Rose. We were all wow-ed and impressed with his moves and for sure everyone is excited for his come back this NBA season! 


D Rose in Manila + 3-on-3 Tournament!