D’ Amburger Gastropub: Serving Juicy American Burgers and More in Greenhills

D’ Amburger Gastropub: Serving Juicy American Burgers and More in Greenhills




When in Manila and craving for unique burger experience, head over to D’ Amburger Gastropub, now serving juicy American Burgers and more in Greenhills. Having opened officially just last May, after gaining popularity in the couple of years of serving their burger to Banchetto crowd in Ortigas, D’ Amburger Gastropub now offers their American burgers (and more!) in the new favorite night hangout place in Greenhills Town Center in Quezon City (bordering the city of San Juan). Not only do they serve some of the best quality burgers out there, D’ Amburger Gastropub serves delicious dishes for your regular meals and even for your drinking bonding/hang-out session with your friends  near midnight and beyond.

Meet the two hardworking chefs of D’ Amburger Gastropub: Chef Bless and Chef Jellone

Also, meet Grace and Dece: my two friends and colleagues who joined me to check out the great food that D’ Amburger Gastropub offers.

While everybody might argue that the metro already has its plethora of various types of burgers out there, Chef Jellone shares with me the secret of their juicy Amburgers (American Burgers).

D’ Amburger Gastropub‘s very own Juicy Lucy BMM (Bacon Mushroom Melt) – P250 

Their burgers, nicknamed Juicy Lucy burgers, are true to their names. They are juicy to each bite! D’ Amburger Gastropub‘s Chef Jellone shared with us that the patties are all stuffed with cheese, hence, every bite will give you crazy/awesome cheesy goodness. These patties are made with 100% Brazilian beef, which actually is better than other meats, claims Chef Jellone, because the spices cling better to the meat than other varieties of beef. Those bacon strips that you see on top of that luscious burger? Chef Jellone makes/prepares them himself, along with about 70% of the sauces they serve with their burgers and other meals! And those buns are custom-made for the sizes of their burgers. This means that D’ Amburger Gastropub takes their burgers very seriously and has achieved perfection for, possibly, your best burger experience.

Craving for something more filling? D’ Amburger Gastropub serve a huge repertoire of appetizers, salad selections, and full meals as well.

Steamed Mussels & Clams in Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce (P315)

For appetizer, you can start your stomach’s engine with a unique serving of a bowl of mussels and clams floating on top of a hefty serving of blue cheese sauce, topped with crunchy fries. My friends and I started our meal with this. We loved the scooping out the sauce with the shells—we also highly recommend that you dig for the cheese sauce as you eat the fries on top as well. Not only will this dish make you crave for more, but it could be great with a bottle of beer as well! D’ Amburger Gastropub serves great selections of imported and local beer!

Smoked Salmon Stack Salad (P250)

This is, hands down, the salad which has the most unique presentation that I have ever seen and tried. You will feast over generous layers of mixed greens, parmesan slices (discs), sandwiched with tomato salsa and balsamic reduction, topped with dill cream and the flavorful smoked salmon. It looks like a multilayered ‘burger-style’ salad, shaped round as well, but the tangy spice and salmon meat blends well in your mouth with every bite. Best appetizer of the week for me!

   O-Rings (140)

 However, if your taste buds are craving for something familiarly crunchy and salty, D’ Amburger Gastropub serves their version of onion rings with O-Rings, coated with their own special batter, then cooked golden brown, and served with their special sauce. Need I tell you it will go well with your favorite cocktail as well? 

Truffle Buffalo Chicken (P200)

And lastly, for the appetizer round,  the latest offering of D’ Amburger Gastropub is their deep-fried chicken wings, tossed with butter and Franks hot sauce. Delicious! 







Grace, already full with the generous appetizer servings, is getting excited to try one of the full meals of D’ Amburger Gastropub.


BBQ Pork Belly (P390)

My favorite dish, after the delicious Juicy Lucy burgers of D’ Amburger Gastropub, is definitely their drool-inducing BBQ Pork Belly. The pork slices are braised slowly with homemade BBQ sauce and are served to us with delectable, melt-in-your-mouth, creamy mashed potato and veggies (though you may opt to get rice as an alternative). Everyone will love how tender the meat is and how succulently sweet their own BBQ sauce tastes. Unbelievably finger-licking!

 Crab Meat Mac & Cheese (P380)

In the mood for some pasta? D’ Amburger Gastropub, after serving us generous servings of food already, surprised us further with their very, very special pasta dish: Crab Meat Mac & Cheese, from the name itself, is served with creamy crab roe sauce with real crabmeat (not measly kani sticks, guys) and very long macaroni pasta noodles, which we had so much fun eating. Though this might sound immature and childish, we recommend that you use the long macaroni noodle to suck the sauce at the bottom of the dish: it’s wickedly silly but your tastebuds will thank you. 

Cream Dory Fillet (P340)

Vegetarian/Fish-tarian? We hope you love some dory! D’ Amburger Gastropub outdoes even non-burger restaurants with their amazing, palatable black-sesame-crusted cream dory fillet, served with peach teriyaki sauce. Like the BBQ Pork Ribs, you have the option to try this with rice or their lip-smacking creamy mashed potatoes.

Needless to say, everything D’ Amburger Gastropub served us was fantastic! Thank you so much, Chef Jellone and Chef Bless. And also, we are extremely grateful to Roslyne Barretto-Dimalibot, Operation Head and one of the owners, for entertaining our concerns and making sure that we are enjoying our meals.

Me, Dece, Chef Bless, Chef Jellone, and Grace. We will surely come back to D’ Amburger Gastropub for more!

Thank you for the great meal! I will surely dream again and again of your Juicy Lucy BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) in the upcoming days and will bring back more friends to try your awesome burgers and meals.

  Juicy Lucy BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) – P230

When in Manila, head over to Greenhills Town Center and satisfy your burger cravings, appetite for luscious meals at D’ Amburger Gastropub. 

D’ Amburger Gastropub

#2 Greenhills Town Center, Granada Street, Valencia, Quezon City (bordering San Juan City, near Greenhills)


Like their Facebook page

You can contact them directly for deliveries and reservations at 654.1395

They’re open everyday; 11AM – 2AM 

D’ Amburger Gastropub: Serving Juicy American Burgers and More in Greenhills


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