LOOK: This Portable Water Flosser is Too Cute

When food is stuck in between your teeth, it gets stuck in your mind. And then there is the build-up you can’t see or feel. You’ve likely tried fingers, toothpicks, gargling, or string floss but mostly resort to toothbrushing. However, tooth brushing only cleans 60% of the surface area, leaving 40% of blind spots where bacteria can accumulate.

Now there is a better way to clean the in-betweens. Blast it, with targeted powerful pulsations of water that clean deep between teeth and below the gum line to gently blast away bacteria and plaque that toothbrushing alone can’t reach. Blast it with the new Colgate Water Flosser! This portable flossing device is designed to remove plaque between teeth & along the gum line, even when you’re on the go.

Keep your mouth fresh and your smile stunning with the new Colgate Portable Water Flosser! It’s equipped with ultra-fine stream of water to clean between teeth.

How to Use It:
1) Plug in the nozzle tightly until you hear a click.
2) Open the lid, pull the water tank down until you hear a click, and fill it with water.
3) Extend the nozzle and point it to your teeth. Do not point on your gums.
4) Press the on/off button and select your preferred mode. The default mode is the gentle mode.

The device has three adjustable pressure modes (Gentle, Regular, Pulse), catered to your own preference. It’s most suited as a carry-and-use device as it comes with an adjustable water tank, filling up to 140ml. Nozzles are retractable and kept within the device.

Get it while it’s on sale now at 43% off!

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