Customer complains about a cafe hiring deaf and blind employees and having ‘bad service’

Netizens were enraged when a customer messaged a local cafe to complain about their Person With Disability (PWD) employees. The customer, who was kept anonymous, seemed to be irritated over the alleged ‘bad service’ received. The messages griped about not being seen or heard by deaf and blind employees.

The establishment where this took place, Farron Cafe, posted a screenshot of this conversation. They captioned it: “Ito ay isa sa mga realidad na natatangap ng mga tulad nila. Pero sa Farron Cafe naniniwala kami sa kanilang kakayahan. Please respect, understand and treat fairly our employees.” [This is one of the realities that PWDs endure. But in Farron Cafe, we believe in their capabilities. Please respect, understand and treat fairly our employees.]

A translation of the messages read:

So that’s why no one buys from you guys, your employees at SM Valenzuela are blind and deaf. No one can see that someone’s going to buy something, and even if you say your order, no one can hear. Bad bad bad service.

Anyway, thanks again. Rest assured, will never buy any products to avoid the inconvenience. Will also save the trouble for my friends and family to experience the same inconvenience.

Fine with me. I don’t need the gratitude. I cam there as a customer, not as a donor of some charitable institutions.


Several comments on their Facebook page defend the PWD employees of this cafe. They claim having experienced approachable and efficient service. Some question if perhaps the customer was just unaware of how to properly catch the attention or place an order with the employees.

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Regardless of speculation on the issue, Farron Cafe would just like to remind everyone to always treat PWDs fairly and with dignity. They are human too and deserve to be treated with the same respect that others have. If there is anything we can get from this situation, it is that we ought to be sensitive and humane to the people around us.

What do you think of this customer’s attitude?