Curry and Cheese Ramen? It Exists!

Love cheese and curry? This one’s for you!

Every country has its share of noodle soup dishes. The Americans have their chicken noodle, while the Chinese have wonton noodle soup, and the Filipinos have their beef pares Mami and chicken sotanghon soup, just to name a few. And the Japanese? They’ve got their Ramen.

A versatile dish that is both hearty and filling, ramen can be prepared in different ways— from the base of the broth to the noodles, down to the toppings. And while all these rely on the 4 basic ramen bases: shiyo (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (soybean) or tonkotsu (pork bone broth), the rest of the ingredients that make up a ramen depends on the creativity of the chef.

And speaking of creativity, ramen shops and restaurants have played around with the concept to include gimmicks like serving it in a stone pot to make it sizzle, using chicken instead of pork as the base, or even switching things up with East Meets West type of fusion ingredients. And one brand that enjoys switching things up? Ramen Nagi.

Hailing from the land of ramen itself, Ramen Nagi is a Japanese brand with many branches scattered across the metro. Their menu is a straightforward one, which includes 5 staples: the Original Butao King, spicy Red King, Italian-inspired Green King, and the briny Black King. As for the fifth flavor? It’s a wildcard that changes every 15 days. The Limited King.

Ramen Nagi keeps patrons on their toes with seasonal flavors, and it’s always a treat to see what they have in store. Usually, one can expect 2 new flavors in a month, but there have been instances when 3 or 4 have shown up. And for this half-month, they’ve got a Wild Cheese Curry King up for grabs.

Photo from Marc Mascardo of @thelamonking

This hefty bowl of ramen features two elements that each have their own notable flavor: a savory-sweet richness for the yellow curry, and a salty, almost sharp taste for the cheese. The common denominator? A creamy richness. And when paired together with the meaty taste of the tonkotsu pork broth, it’s quite an experience, to say the least.

Ramen Nagi describes their Wild Cheese Curry King as a “creamy white-cheese sauce blended with curry-flavored pork bone broth and topped with melted torched cheese for a rich and gooey finish”, and they’re right. Just look at this ramen in action!

The Wild Cheese Curry King is available for a limited time this March (until supplies last) in all Ramen Nagi branches, so hurry on over if you want to try it out!

What do you think of this combination? Let us know in the comments below.

Ramen Nagi

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