Cupcake Lab: The Cupcake Store for the Elites

WHEN IN MANILA, remember when Paris Hilton used to tote around town her pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell? Since then everyone wanted to own their very own pocket dog and tote them around town too. Remember when Krispy Kreme first opened its Manila branch? Everyone wanted to carry that green polka-dotted box screaming on the inside “Hey! I just got myself the best original glazed donuts! Beat that ya’ll!” But as we all know, fads fade. Now, you don’t see the elite carrying a pocket dog or a green polka-dotted donut box because now, they’re all too busy flocking at the cupcake store of their choice.

Cupcake Lab is definitely THE cupcake store for the elite! It’s cupcakes are so classy and sophisticated; trust me, once you go Cupcake Lab, you can never go back.

Among Cupcake Lab’s classy cupcakes, here are my top five!



Ferrero Rocher has always been my favorite chocolate of all time! So it’s a no brainer that Cupcake Lab’s Ferrero Cupcake would be one of my ultimate faves! If I could eat whatever food I want without worrying about the weight gain, this would be it!



Though this little cake may seem simple as compared to Cupcake Lab’s other over the top cupcakes, don’t let this cake’s simplicity fool you! As you bite into this little cake, flavors will burst inside your mouth leading you to an instant foodgasm!



I’ve never really been a fan of Tiramisu ever since we baked one during my sophomore year in high school. But Cupcake Lab’s Tiramisu cupcake is a total exception! The fluffy crème on top is magnificent!



Cupcake Lab’s Almond Brownie is deadly good! I love how innovative Cupcake Lab can be with their little treats! Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy this brownie in a cup treat.



I remember how when I was a little kid, I used to jump for joy as my mom buys me a sweet treat after school. Now, my joyous jumps and squeals are reserved for sexy and to die for shoes. But as I unfolded the cupcake dress of Cupcake Lab’s Oreo Surprise, I literally did one of magical twirls and jumps. I would love to tell you When In Manila readers what made me unleash the little girl in me, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore now would it? Here’s a little hint though, colors make me super happy.

So what are you waiting for When In Manila readers? Check out Cupcake Lab for delicious and classy cupcakes and to know more of the surprise I’m telling you about!

Cupcake Lab


Contact 400 22 96


Visit 2nd floor, The Podium








Cupcake Lab: The Cupcake Store for the Elites


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