Cucina Andare’s Weekend Food Madness!

Food Trucks have invaded Manila through Cucina Andare! That’s why When In Manila; go to the country’s prime shopping area, Ayala Center, to get a taste of the different cuisines served by these food trailers. 

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It was a Saturday when Koji Arsua, a fellow WIM writer, and I went to Cucina Andare to review one of the food trailers parked in the posh area of Makati. Organized by the group who also opened food bazaars like Mercato and Soderno, Cucina Andare is rightfully called as “the first food truck market” in the country with food bazaars. We agreed to taste on of the pioneers in this kind of food business, Hungry Rover.

1I get to watch Food St. sometimes and I’m fascinated at how food trailers work in the US, and of course I was more fascinated to see one here in our country. Believe me when I say that the closest thing that I could imagine as a food trailers are the Burger Machine parked near our house. Hungry Rover‘s food trailer is different from the other food trucks in Cucina Andare. “We picked an old small tourist bus and refurbished it as a food trailer, because making a new one will cost us more,” says Inna Salazar, one of the co-owners of Hungry Rover.


21Hungry Rover is the only food trailer in Cucina Andare where you can experience dining in the inside of a food truck.


Hungry Rover offers “fusion comfort food” in the most affordable price. They have basic menu board: rice meals, sandwiches and nachos. “We source our ingredients from concessionaires, but one of our partners does the preparations and cooking for us since she’s the only one with culinary background,” adds Inna.

The food will really give someone comfort after a tiring day at work. It’s affordable, the serving is generous and most importantly it’s delicious. That’s why it came not as a surprise that many people flocks the Hungry Rover at Cucina Andare for their “fusion comfort food”.


(Also available in Angus Beef Tapa and Chicken BBQ)


(Also available in Angus Beef Tapa and Pork Liempo)

The Pork Liempo Cheesy Subs is really yummy and is too big for just one person, I really think that it can be shared by two. The Chicken BBQ Grilled Wraps on the other hand went missing in just a second, and the nachos and salsa is just a perfect sidings for our orders.