Cristine Reyes Responds to Animal Cruelty Allegations After What She Did in Finland

Cristine Reyes has been posting a lot of updates on her ongoing vacation with daughter Amarah on her Instagram account, but a few couldn’t help but express their concern over a particular activity that the mom-and-daughter duo did during their trip to Finland.


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In a video Cristine posted on December 11, she captured clips of her and Amarah riding a sled pulled by Huskies through the snow. While the two seemed to enjoy the experience, others pointed out that the activity was exploitation of the dogs.

The comments have seemingly been removed as of writing, but sites FashionPulis and Inquirer have them documented.

In one comment, a netizen said, “I [can’t] help not to notice the dogs barking, Poor dogs, maybe the cold [bothers] them so much.” Another replied to the netizen to explain that the Huskies actually “love the cold” to which Cristine backed up with a “100%” emoji to support the truth of the statement.

Another netizen also shared their opinion on using dogs for dog-sledding, wishing that people used machines instead.


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Naawa ako sa mga dogs, sana machine nalang ang gamit nila pang hila (I feel so bad for the dogs, I wish they used a machine to pull their sled) instead of the dogs… it can be entertaining naman kahit machine ang gagamitin (even if a machine is being used) instead of these innocent dogs… my kids [don’t] like riding anything if animals are involved… for them it’s animal cruelty,” the netizen wrote.

Cristine said that she shared the same sentiments at first but witnessed first-hand how the dogs were taken care of.

“We had the same sentiments but while waiting we had the privilege of learning how they run a business and most especially how they care for all the dogs. You can go and see for yourself,” she shared. “I just wanted to share this precious moment we had. I have two dogs and I think I’m fully aware what animal cruelty means. Again, to each their own.”

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Meanwhile, another pointed out how ‘the dogs are sooo thin.” Another agreed and said, “Kawawa naman parang mga baby po ata yan. Pinag-trabaho na (I pity them, I think they’re still young. They were already forced to work).”

Another stated, “I love all your posts, except this one. Yes to each their own.”

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What are your opinions about dog-sledding?

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