LOOK: Artist creates beds out of tires for stray animals!


When this 23-year-old artist, Amarildo Silva, started to gather discarded piles of tires from his city’s streets, parking lots, and landfills, he thought about what he could do innovate his way into making it more useful. With compassion, he thought about the animals who will most likely make the most out of old tires and Silva believed that he had the power to create positive change not just for animals, but for the waste that goes to landfills.


After thinking about all the trash in the ocean, he opened his eyes to the reality of the garbage he was surrounded with and he saw an opportunity in the tires he gathered. From there, he started his own business of repurposing the long-lasting rubber tires so that he could start his own product line of colorful and sustainable pet beds out of car tires.

How does he do it?

First, he cuts the tires into the shape he wants it to be and scrubs it thoroughly. Next, he paints over it to seal and decorate the pet bed where he also designs it with drawings of bones, paws, and hearts. Sometimes, even adding the name of the particular pet who’s going to use it if the information is given.

After painting and decorating, Silva then places a soft cushion inside the tire. He covers the cushion with printed fabric where the cushion is now a comfy place where the animal can sleep in. Also, he matches the cushion with a cute pillow to make the pet bed look nicer.


Silva quickly gained praise from his local Brazilian community where he focuses on advocating for the environment and homeless pets. People also noticed that Silva’s work has improved the streets and landfills in which he has been reducing the incredible amount of waste.

“Over the course of two years, I already removed 1,500 units of old tires from the environment making only the [pet beds]. This certainly makes a very big positive impact on nature,” Silva shares in an interview with Green Matters when he was asked why his business is important.


Today, the Brazilian environmental artist/businessman has created a positive impact on his local community by helping them rethink the way they look at their garbage.

Here is a video of Silva’s work in action:

He now runs Cãominhas Pets as a full-time business.

Social media pages:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/caominhas

Instagram: @caominhas

Can we do this in the Philippines too?