27 Adorable Animals Take On The Paningning Challenge

If you’ve been on the internet in the past couple of months you’re probably familiar with the sight of a baby Shih Tzu sleeping on its back. Paningning the pup quickly went viral for her rather odd sleeping position. In fact, she even made it onto several international media sites. But Paningning isn’t the only pet who can pull off this look.

We asked the WIM Squad for photos of their own pets in the ‘Paningning position’ and we got the cutest replies:

@iamsheilasnow’s pretty feline:

@kweenainaaa’s splayed-out Mochy:

Christian’s hamster, Alfredo:

Tohru (@jijiweathersbee) looking quite cunning:

@argolargo looking very comfy:

@mraslanpinkbelly, also known as Aslan:

Kat’s baby Uno (sleeping with his own baby):

Lei’s Bibbo having sweet dreams:

And her Denggoy too:

We even have Hermrei’s tortoise, Chomp:

@iamalyg’s Jj giving us the ‘beautiful eyes’:

Zaine’s Jona Snow (who knows nothing):

Mhads’ sweet little Joongki:

Kelia stretching out with her human, @inthemikkz:

@baileysthebabypup serving looks:

Eunick’s peaceful Lany:

Anj’s fluffy Mavi:

Mavi’s heartwarming duo:

This slightly derpy Prince Charming:

To match with Rendi’s Princess Cookie:

Janine’s Rocket sleeping like the dead:

Juhi’s Scotch who fell asleep with his harness still on:

Camille’s aptly named Siomai:

Yhnoh’s Marvel siblings, Thor and Nebula:

Pamela’s Uzi snuggly sleeping:

Last, but definitely not the least, are WIM’s own @vincegolangco’s fur babies:

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Share your own sleeping photos of your pets with us in the comments! 


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