Crash Bandicoot Might Be Coming to PlayStation 4

If you are a 90s kid, then you probably played Crash Bandicoot games on PlayStation 1 (where you could write down all of the passwords if you weren’t lucky enough to have a memory card) and PlayStation 2.

I was personally a huge Crash Bandicoot fan. I even collected all of the action figures.

In fact, I still remember every single level of the first game – where all of the bonus faces were hidden, where extra lives could be found and how to kill each boss.

Well, guess what? Sony Middle East recently posted a Crash Bandicoot teaser on their Twitter account (@PlayStation_ME) with this poster and a caption that apparently translates to “Most Wanted: Where are You, Crash?”

Crash Bandicoot PlayStation Middle East

Could this mean that Crash is actually making a comeback? And if he is, is he doing so in non-racing form? I really hope so! Who else misses Crash and the non-racing games? 🙂