20 Things Only a PlayStation Kid Would Understand

20 Things Only a PlayStation Kid Would Understand


I still remember the first gaming console I ever played with: the Sony PlayStation. Released in December 3, 1994, Playstation was one of the pioneers of today’s 3D gaming for introducing a whole new gaming experience. Their consoles started as a big gray box that could play games in CD-ROM discs. Until sometime in the late 90’s, they released the PSone, a much smaller and more compact version of the original PlayStation.


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At that time, owning a PlayStation was something to be bragged about among friends, telling them: “Yeah, I own a PlayStation… Wanna fight me in Mortal Combat?” LOL. All kidding aside, though, most of us had our fondest memories of our childhood because of the PlayStation.

I still remember I was 3 years old when we bought our first unit (among the five we had). Since then, I’ve played countless times. I spent almost half of my childhood playing games like Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo, Monster Rancher and Crash Bandicoot. I even cried whenever my parents tried to hide my CDs or told me to go to sleep. However, all of those sleepless nights and constant eye irritations were worth it as I recall those memories. The PlayStation will always be my video game console of choice up to this moment.


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Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, lets revisit nostalgic memories and look back on the 20 things that only a whole-hearted, hardcore PlayStation gamer would understand:


20 Things Only a PlayStation Kid Would Understand


20. You had to thoroughly clean the CD-ROM when the game wouldn’t work.

19. …if that didn’t work (and it was your favorite game), you go to plan B: clean the whole playstation unit.


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18. When the controller or the memory card was corrupted, you know the technique: blow hard until it works again.

17. You’d challenge your friends to a fight in Tekken 3.


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16. …or in Street Fighter Alpha.


street_fighter_alphavia videogamecritic.com


15. …maybe even in Mortal Kombat.


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14. This guy made our childhood awesome.


crash-bandicoot-gifCrash Bandicoot (via venturebeat.com)


13. Get surprised whenever the dual-shock controller randomly vibrates.

12. The Sony Playstation was cheaper than other gaming console… though you probably didn’t care that much if you were a kid in the 90’s.

11. This was much better than any Pokemon game: Monster Rancher.


monster-rancher“gotta raise ’em all” (via deviantart.net)