20 Things Only a PlayStation Kid Would Understand

10. “Staaarsss…”

resident-evil-3-nemesisProbably the hardest decision you’ve ever made ( via giantbomb.com)


9. Playing Medal of Honor and hoping you’ll pick up either a Bazooka or a Panzerfaust.

8. You get to try various sports, like fishing.


Big Ol Bass 2via bp.blogspot.com


7. … and driving (like a pro).


gran-turismovia supergleweh.files.wordpress.com


6. You could use the PlayStation as a CD player and play your favorite music CDs.

5. Remember when you used to play Dance Dance Revolution?


dance-dance-revolutionvia gamesradar.com


4. And then even bought your own dance pad?


dance-dance-revolution padvia wikimedia.org


3. That moment when you want to save a game and find out there’s insufficient space in the memory card.

2. You had to do a lot of work before you got this thing to play.


playstation-backvia 6moons.com


1. You were so anxious while hoping that your game would show the Playstation logo (indicating it still works).


playstation-screen-gifI miss this popping out on my television screen 🙁 (via gifsoup.com)


With all of the games today that have better graphics and more realistic game play, I’d still prefer to play the games I grew up with. If I had the chance to play these games one last time, I’d make each minute count.


better-graphics-memeWere you a PlayStation kid? What games did you used to play on the Sony PlayStation? Please do tell us 🙂



20 Things Only a PlayStation Kid Would Understand