LOOK: This Couple had a Quarantine Baby, and No, it’s Not What You Think

People have found many ways to keep busy during quarantine because really, life goes on— pandemic or not. Some took the time to rest, while others continued working from home. And a good number of people went on to conceive… ideas, that is.

While this did result in a baby for husband and wife tandem Mico and Kriz, it isn’t what you’re thinking. Their said baby is a new business, and its name is Krizzies Corner.

One of Krizzies Corner’s Products: Baked Blueberry Cheesecake!

A New Chapter

A quarantine project born out of Kriz’s love for baking, Krizzies Corner originated in the couple’s small condominium— their home. Initially, this small business was meant to help generate extra income since their work was unstable during the lockdown. The more the newlyweds invested their time, ingredients, and effort in the business, though; the more they got bigger dreams for this new chapter in their lives.

While most online businesses rely on the family’s secret recipe (or a well-loved recipe, for that matter) as the driving force for sales, Krizzies Corner started out a little differently. For one thing, the recipe that Kriz uses is a result of trial and error. Although not a certified chef or home cook, she used her free time during quarantine to learn how to cook and bake by watching YouTube tutorials and buying cookbooks. Eventually, she created her very own homegrown recipe— one that Mico proudly says has “the perfect taste”.

While Kriz handles the baking aspect of the business, her husband— a bonafide dessert lover— does the taste testing and the dishes. Now that’s teamwork if I do say so myself!

Why venture into food? Beyond their love for dessert, Mico noted that even with the pandemic, food businesses still seem to thrive. People always need food and will always be on the lookout for something tasty. This, along with good reviews and word of mouth from regular customers, helped sustain their online food business.

Cheese(cake) is it!

Krizzies Corner currently offers a wide range of baked goods from loaves to chocolate tin cakes to cheesecakes. From there, I was given a choice: Oreo or Blueberry. As someone who likes a fruity cheesecake once in a while, my choice was clear. I just had to try their Baked Blueberry Cheesecake.
Visually, it’s a real treat. Sticky blueberries sit on top and a generous crumb coating of crushed graham crackers and butter goes around the cake. The latter is different from most cheesecakes since the crust usually sits at the bottom.

Once you cut into the cake, you finally get to see the cheesecake layer. In terms of consistency, it’s velvety and smooth. Taste-wise, it isn’t too sweet. Although rich and creamy, the blueberries add a sour-sweet contrast; but surprisingly, it includes a floral aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. Pair this with the lightly salted crust and you’ve got an interplay of complex flavors going on. Yum!

To get your own cake, place your orders with Mico and Kriz via social media; they can deliver within Metro Manila. That way, you can enjoy some delicious cake for parties, celebrations, or simply as a snack anytime at home. Because really, every day is a good day for cake.

Do you know any other small businesses that started during the quarantine? Share them with us!

Krizzies Corner


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krizziescornerph

Instagram: @krizziescorner

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