“Cool” Jeep in Batangas City

When In Manila, I’m  sure you’ve felt the intense summer heat! If I could just stay in an air-conditioned room the whole day I would! But while a majority of Filipinos are stressing out over the heat, one Filipino jeepney driver decides he can make or lives… specifically his passengers life a little bit better by adding a little something in his jeepney.


Cool JeepneyPhoto credits to Karen Valdez


The photo above was shared to us by Mr. Sergs Valdez. His uncle, Antonio Manalo tied abanico fans on the hand rail of his jeepney for the passengers to use this summer season. The jeepney travels from Sinala to Bauan, and Bauan to Batangas city. What a nice gesture this is! Next time you’re in Batangas, keep a lookout for this literally COOL jeep!