Conversation Between Mother and Little Boy Carrying Pink Bag Will Melt Your Heart

It might look like a zoom-in to a typical street scene: A mother holding her son’s hand as they walk on the sidewalk. Thanks to an observant netizen, though, we get to see this scenario in an unfamiliar yet heartwarming vantage point.

While everyone will be quick to notice the unusual pink Barbie bag on the little boy’s back, although most likely dismiss it a moment later, Chardy Baldoza, a Senior Development Communication student from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), was alert enough to remember the conversation between the two and whip out his phone to take a snap of the rare scenario.

We reached out to Baldoza to hear the full details of the story behind the photo. According to him, he was walking towards the Magallanes MRT station when he overheard the mother and son talking about the pink bag.

Ma, okay lang ba talaga ‘yung bag ko? (Ma, is my bag really okay?) the boy asked, and without any hesitation, the mother answered with E ‘di ba favorite mo ‘yang pink? (Well, pink is your favorite color, right?). The response of the mother to her son’s question was simple and short, but it was enough to boost his confidence.

Baldoza told us that he had no intention to announce or make it seem that the boy is gay or is in the process of discovering his gay self when he shared the photo online. He was only happy to have witnessed such an uncommon scene.

The UPLB student shared the photo, which has now gone viral on Twitter, using the short conversation from the mother and little boy as a caption. And, six days after it was posted, the photo already received 58,000+ likes and 12,000+ retweets.

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