Complete List of Valid Government IDs in the Philippines

Valid IDs are important to have. Period. Here in the Philippines, you need at least two valid IDs for major transactions. If you tend to find yourself frustrated whenever someone asks you for two valid IDs, now is the time to get cracking and finally secure a few of them to make your life easier and stress-free.

Complete List of Valid Government IDs in the Philippines

Philippine Passport

Validity: 10 years

Price: Php950 to Php1,200

Where to get it: DFA

Apply Philippine Passport 3

A lot of Filipinos seem to think that they don’t need to get a Philippine passport if they don’t have any plans of traveling. However, a Philippine passport is a great ID to have. In some cases, even when two valid IDs are usually required, a Philippine passport can serve as enough identification if you don’t have two on-hand.

You may schedule an appointment to apply for a Philippine passport here. If you actually have plans to travel, make sure you schedule your appointment as soon as possible to avoid any delays or unnecessary stress. If you are in a hurry, you also have the option to apply for a rush passport.

Postal ID

Validity: 3 years

Price: Php504 to Php650

Where to get it: Post office

postal ID

The postal ID is the most underrated valid government ID in the Philippines but is also the easiest one to get. It is quick and convenient, and any Filipino can get one. Just fill up this application form and submit it to a post office near you along with one valid ID.

Driver’s License

Validity: 1 to 10 years

Price: Php320 to Php820

Where to get it: LTO

LTO Releases New Designs of Drivers License Cards

Obviously, this valid ID isn’t for everyone. After all, not everybody knows how to drive or is even interested in learning how to. We would highly recommend learning how to drive either way, though. Even if you don’t have a car, driving is a skill that can come in handy in the most unexpected of times.

All three types of driver’s licenses available here in the Philippines – student, non-professional, and professional – are considered valid government IDs. To start, register at the LTMS portal here.


Validity: For life

Price: Free of charge

Where to get it: BIR

Although it isn’t a requirement to have a physical TIN ID to pay for taxes, having one can make your life easier as it can serve as a valid government ID for major and minor transactions. To get yours, visit the BIR office where you got your TIN from and fill up the necessary forms.


Validity: For life

Price: Free of charge

Where to get it: SSS

The UMID is a very powerful valid government ID since it serves as a 4-in-1 ID (SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG). You can download the application form here and then submit it to the SSS when ready.

PhilHealth ID

Validity: For life

Price: Free of charge

Where to get it: PhilHealth


If you want to claim PhilHealth benefits during your lifetime, you will need to get a PhilHealth ID card. As such, it would be vital to have one. Plus, it can serve as a valid government ID should you ever need one. The best part is that it is completely free of charge. You may register for a PhilHealth ID here.

Voters ID

Validity: Indefinite

Price: Free of charge

Where to Get it: COMELEC

All registered voters are qualified for a voter’s ID. This is another valid government ID that can be used practically anywhere. Unfortunately, it might take a long time to get this ID because it involves a finger-matching procedure. If you haven’t yet, it would be best to file an application ASAP. If you already have but don’t have your ID yet, you may inquire about its status at the post where you filed your application.


Validity: 5 years

Price: Php300 to Php600

Where to get it: PRC

Certain licensed professionals like architects and doctors should get a PRC ID as it is another recognized valid government ID in the Philippines. Besides, it is also needed as proof to operate as a professional in their field. You may register for a PRC ID here.

Senior Citizen ID

Validity: For life

Price: Free of charge

Where to get it: OSCA

Obviously also not for everybody, any Filipino aged 60 years and above needs to get a Senior Citizen ID. Aside from serving as a valid government ID, senior citizen IDs also come with important benefits and discounts. To apply, visit the OSCA in your municipality.


Validity: For life

Price: Free of charge

Where to get it: Department of Health

If you are a Filipino with a disability, you can use your PWD ID card as a valid government ID, as well. This doesn’t just pertain to physical and intellectual impairments, either, but also mental impairments that might interfere with your everyday life. Being a valid ID aside, you can also avail of various discounts and benefits with this ID. You may register for this ID here.


Validity: 2 years

Price: Free of charge

Where to get it: OWWA

If you are an OFW, you can use your OFW ID as a valid government ID, as well. This will definitely make your life much easier when doing various transactions. You may apply for one here.

There are also other IDs that can serve as valid secondary IDs in the Philippines, including NBI clearance, police clearance, barangay clearance, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and community tax certificate.

If you still don’t have two valid government IDs, secure some of the IDs above to save you money, time, and stress this 2021 and beyond.

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