Combat the Holi-gains at This Boxing Gym!

Don’t you just hate the holi-gains (holiday gains)?
Christmas Season is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and, being a devoutly Catholic country, it’s considered as the most festive occasion of the year. Christmas parties, Noche Buena, Noche Media… With celebration after celebration, your tummy could finally take a breather.
As such, you should consider countering the holi-gains by looking for a workout you can commit to regularly as early as now. If you’re looking to commit to something that is affordable yet effective (we’re not talking about love here), you should check out Boxing Hybrid Evolution.
Hybrid Boxing Evolution 1
Boxing Hybrid Evolution is a multi-functional gym that offers various services: boxing, muay thai, MMA, power-resistance training, and HIIT. They have two branches: one in Banawe and one in Katipunan, both in Quezon City.
Hybrid Boxing Evolution 6
What I love about Hybrid Boxing Evolution is that all the training depends on your needs and abilities. They have professional licensed coaches to guide you, whether you’re aiming to lose weight or to tone some muscles. From there, you’ll be given a set of exercises to follow which will increase in difficulty week after week to push you to your limits.
If you’re aiming to build your stamina or tone your muscles, these activities would work best: HIIT, Power-Resistance Training, and MMA/Kick Boxing
For weight-loss/weight-maintenance, you won’t go wrong with these: Boxing and Muay Thai
For my session, I chose to go for boxing at the Katipunan branch to shed some pounds and hopefully be able to maintain it for the entire year. First of all, let’s talk about the place. They have two rings (one for boxing and the other for Muay Thai/MMA/Kickboxing), a gym area, a circuit training space, a locker area, and a shower room. They immediately set the mood for maximum comfort and convenience, making it more motivating to work out.
Hybrid Boxing Evolution 5
The boxing proper is intense. Coach Romeo is super keen on details as he wants every punch and footwork to be in the proper form. That made it extra strenuous on my body. After two intensive hours, I can honestly say that I felt the impact of my training immediately. How much more if I kept this up, right? I might even be the next Pacman! I’d definitely be pounds lighter than before!
Hybrid Boxing Evolution 3
If you haven’t done any of these sports before, don’t be afraid to try them out. The coaches are more than willing to patiently teach you. I personally forgot about the basics; however, after just one session, I managed to recall how to throw a jab, hook, etc. and how to evade attacks all thanks to their guidance.
They’re also really affordable compared to other boxing studios. Want proof? Renting hand wraps from them only costs 12 pesos if you’re a member and 22 pesos if you’re not. For gloves, it’s 17 pesos for members and 27 pesos for non-members. That’s way cheaper than other gyms renting them out for a hundred bucks!
New Membership (good for a year): Php850
Membership Renewal: Php600
Hybrid Plus for Members (locker and gym equipment/treadmill use): Php100/visit
Hybrid Plus for Non-Members (locker and gym equipment/treadmill use): Php125/visit
Member: Php200
Non-Member: Php250
Muay Thai, MMA, and HIIT
Member: Php300
Non-Member: Php350
Power-Resistance Training
Member: Php150
Non-Member: Php250
Hybrid Boxing Evolution 4
It’s ideal to train at least thrice a week. Make this a regular thing and you’ll have a healthier lifestyle in no time. Don’t deprive yourself, though! After all, life is all about balance: you eat and you work out.
Goodbye holi-gains and hello guilt-free holidays!
Boxing Hybrid Evolution
6AM – 9PM daily
Katipunan Branch: 3rd floor Linear building 142 Katipunan Ave. St. Ignatius, Quezon City (above BPI and PNB)
Banawe branch: 3rd Floor Banawe Terraces Banawe corner, Sta Catalina, Quezon City (in front of Sogo and above Wan Chai)
Twitter/Instagram: @boxinghybrid

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