Boxing Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club: A Female-Friendly Gym in Katipunan

There are a lot of ways to get in shape.

If you search on the net, you can find different weight loss methods you can follow like various types of diet routines, calorie counting methods, food supplements to help burn fat, and even workout routines to stay fit.

As a weight-conscious woman, I have really been looking for a gym that could help me maintain weight and motivate me to get a well-toned body. I am glad that I was able to discover  Boxing Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club(HBE) in Banawe where I have been training for almost two months now. HBE is not just a gym that will provide you with the usual gym workouts or routines, either; they also offer intensive exercises that can really boost your energy and strengthen your body as you lose those calories.

Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club Banawe Lisa David 6539

Moreover, I discovered that HBE’s clients are 80% women. Yes, that’s right. One of them is Alex, a young girl who has been training at HBE for two years now. “I’m having boxing and muay thai sessions. Very female friendly sila dito. Sana nga mas madami pang babae na magjoin dito. Malaking improvement yung nagawa niya sa body ko,” she says.

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I also met a mom and a daughter tandem who are really enthusiastic when it comes to their workout. Both of them are physically active and they said that HBE’s set of workouts are very effective for them.

“If you really want a hard workout, we going here kasi they don’t only focus sa paglose ng weight because they want you to have a toned body as well kaya may mga circuit training. Mas intense talaga ang workout dito,” Nica and her mom say.

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Well, I strongly agree with them. Based on my personal experience, I really enjoy every workout session I spent inside the gym because I feel like I’m gaining more strength and even though there are times that I think I can’t do some exercises, my trainers are there to motivate me and guide me all throughout the session. I can also say that my body shape has improved because of the intensive workout routines there.

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Furthermore, HBE has a very friendly environment. All of the staff members, including the coaches, are approachable, patient, caring, and understanding. They are well-trained to guide their clients during their sessions.

Also, the environment is not intimidating especially for a woman like me because all of the people there are busy with their own routines and you are really on your own. Your trainer will just be there to guide you and give you further instructions as needed.

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Aside from boxing, HBE also offers other programs such as circuit training, HIIT, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiujitsu, and many more. Also, they are planning to offer wall climbing and combat dance classes in the future at their Banawe branch. These are perfect for you if you want explore different workouts.

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Another great thing about HBE is that their package deal is very affordable. For as low as Php1,900, you can avail of 10 unlimited sessions consumable within 2 months. As long as you think you can still work out, you are free to do so. No one will stop you from trying to lose more carbs.

Another good thing about this gym is that they have a heated shower inside, so you can clean up and take a bath after your workout. So if you’re planning to sweat it out before going to work or to school, you can still come out fresh from the gym afterwards.

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Think it’s the perfect time to lose some weight or get a toned body?

You might want to consider Boxing Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club.

Aside from their Banawe branch, they also have a newly opened branch in Katipunan. The gym is open from 6AM to 9PM. You can also check out their facebook page at 

Make sure  your gym outfit is ready and burn those carbs now!