What Are Coffee Shops (Really) For? – What to Do and What Not to Do at Coffee Shops

What Are Coffee Shops (Really) For? – What to Do and What Not to Do at Coffee Shops


Coffee shops are a dime a dozen in Manila. As a matter of fact, Starbucks alone has 20,000 outlets nationwide. People are increasingly becoming addicted to coffee shops, especially when it’s time for solidarity. 


Although there are a lot of coffee shops in the Metro, Starbucks remains to be the most popular one in Manila.


As a work-at-home mom, having “me time” is imperative. And since escaping from reality is elusive to me sometimes, treating myself to a cup of cappuccino and seeing a different view, aside from my laundry or sink with piles of dishes, is already a milestone! 


 Taken during the Preliminary stages of Latte Art contest held at Aloha Hotel.


However, that one commotion in Starbucks that went viral on social media made me think: what are coffee shops or cafes really for? 

starbucks fight image

If you want to know the full story, click here.


In a nutshell, coffee shops or cafes are for people who want to enjoy a new taste of coffee aside from the usual 3-in-1s. Although instant coffee is cheaper and equally delicious, people still spare a budget for a different kind of vibe.  Personally, I go to cafes to focus on my work and writing. 

Coffee Shops are for:

A change of environment

Coffee Shop

 Although customers are welcome to stay, a maximum of 5 people for business meetings and 6 hours for personal work consumption is ideal.


For most entrepreneurs, especially the work-at-home people, coffee shops are used as an extension of their “office,” for a change of environment.  Generally speaking, a change of view really helps in focusing your plans for the day. It is essential to have limitations in terms of the number of attendees (for your meetings) and/or hours if you choose to work at a coffee shop, though.

For longer hours, try using co-working spaces available in your area.

Capping the night off

Getty Images of coffee


Going to a coffee shop after a long day of hard work, gimmick, or after a lunch or dinner date, is probably the best thing to do before heading home. With a cozy ambiance and nice music, a hot caramel macchiato (yes, my favorite!) usually fixes everything. 

A library alternative 

Caffe Bene


Let me get this straight: nothing beats a library.  However, most libraries prohibit drinks, except for certain bookstore outlets. People go to coffee shops to read their favorite books while enjoying their time and coffee. It is a typical place for ‘me-time’ for bookworms. One of my favorite coffee shops is Caffe Bene. Aside from offering a different kind of coffee experience, the ambiance is really engaging. Any coffee shop with books is a plus for me. They now serve gourmet sandwiches, as well.


While it is fun to stay at a coffee shop, there are some things you CANNOT do, like:

LOL – Laugh Out Loud 

LOL meme

I know how easy it is to get carried away, but please tone it down when you’re at a coffee shop. People don’t care what you’re going through, so just keep it to yourself. If you really can’t help it, go outside first. Respect is the key word.

Stay forever

coffee forever

Truthfully, you can stay for as long as you want, but bring the business back to the establishment.  If you think you’re going to enjoy the place longer than usual, say more than 8 hours, make it count! You might want to consider grabbing more than just a small frappe. 

Playing loud music 


 Image from galleryhip.com


Sadly, there are still some people out there who do this.  Buying everything you want at the coffee shop doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Bring your earphones to avoid this kind of scenario. 

Hog all the power outlets


Use powerbanks instead of hogging all of the outlets at a coffee shop. Should you want to use the establishment’s electricity, be courteous enough to bring an extension cord AND learn how to share it. It’s a win-win situation: share an extension, win a friend. 

I am sure there are a lot of things to consider when you’re at a coffee shop.  It is never about how much you’ve ordered; it’s all about the perception you give to other people.  It is essential to have good breeding and manners anytime and anywhere.  It is free, so use it appropriately.

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What Are Coffee Shops (Really) For? – What to Do and What Not to Do at Coffee Shops


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