Momax iPower Juice: Juice Up Your Phone Longer and in Style!

Momax iPower Juice: Juice Up Your Phone Longer and in Style!


When In Manila, there are now tons and tons of different power banks or portable chargers – whatever you name it – everywhere. Mobile phone batteries are now insufficient due to mobile internet usage. I, for one, do use my mobile phone for heavy social media, instant messenger, and web browsing usage. Mobile internet is the most battery-draining aspect of a mobile phone, and it is mostly used. Android phones have been bumping battery amps higher and higher every release of a new flagship phone, and even the iPhone has been trying to catch along. Still, mobile chargers or power banks are now in high demand for those heavy users.

It’s pretty difficult now how to choose a mobile charger or power bank, but I found one that’s cool, stylish, and packs a pretty good amount of juice! From the well-known replacement battery maker MOMAX, here’s the Momax iPower Juice


The Momax iPower Juice isn’t simply just a power bank; it also comes in cool different colors and comes in a design that copies packed juices. Perfectly fits those who are into fashion or those who would like a more fun, cuter, and cooler power bank! Charge your phone in-style with the cute design. Find the color ,out of the 3 available (Citrus-y Yellow, Orange, and Green), that fits you the most! 


The Momax iPower Juice isn’t just all about looks, either; it packs a 4400mah – enough to fully charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is one of the latest mobile phones with one of the largest batteries, and the Momax iPower Juice would still have some juice left! With other mobile phones, the Momax iPower Juice can give you 2 full charges! It carries 4400mah and yet, has a size that is smaller and in a better shape than other power banks in the same mah range- perfect for those carrying small bags or purses.

Most other power banks in this mah range are bulky and heavy, the Momax iPower Juice remains small and easily pocketable, and is light weight! Solves a lot of people’s problems with power banks, and also addresses how girls don’t want a simple “block” for a power bank.


The Momax iPower Juice comes with the standard USB to Micro-USB cable that is compatible with most, if not all, Android phones. The Momax iPower Juice is also compatible with Apple devices, just provide the needed cable for the device to be paired on. The Momax iPower Juice also has LED lights to indicate battery level. A single LED light that blinks means it is down to 10% and needs charging soon.

The Momax iPower Juice outputs 1.5A which is a good output to charge mobile phones quick, and to charge tablets just a little slower than their supplied charger. Being at 1.5A output places it at a safe spot for compatibility with multiple devices. Charging with the Momax iPower Juice will charge some devices faster than their stock chargers since most mobile phone chargers output only 1A. Don’t get it wrong, this is safe! It won’t harm your battery at all. It’s nice since it charges fast on-the-go for most mobile phones, specifically for iPhone users!


When In Manila, for a power bank that is fun, cool, and fresh that also comes in a more portable size than others, grab the Momax iPower Juice! Juice up your phone now!



Momax iPower Juice


The Momax iPower Juice retails for Php1,750.00.

You can purchase the Momax iPower Juice at any Banana Telecom, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Electro Computer Data System, Globotel, iGig, iStudio, Microstation, Powerhub, Viewers Telecom, 8Telcom outlets.



Momax iPower Juice: Juice Up Your Phone Longer and in Style!