When in Manila, Korea’s Caffe Bene Offers a Different Coffee Experience

When in Manila, Korea’s largest and most popular coffee chain has finally landed and opened a store in the Philippines. In the heart of the Eastwood City Walk 2, Caffe Bene officially opened last November 2012 and started serving excellent coffee, freshly made Liège waffles, and Italian gellatos to the mall-goers and young professionals working in the area. 



Even before Filipinos get to experience the true Caffe Bene coffee, the coffee shop is a known-entity to most Filipinos as the store has been featured to several Koreanovelas. 




First things first, how do we pronounce the store name? 

Caffee Bene. Caffe is pronounced like “cafe” in “cafeteria”.  Bene is pronounced as “bene” in “benefit”.  It means good or well. Caffe Bene sure has alot of benefits to offer aside from the flavorful coffee. 



The coffee shop offers a Vintage European Interior. Upon entering the place, you will be welcomed with the spacious floor area and bright lighting.  The vintage clock is also a focal point.  The same clock was also seen in the Koreanovela (see picture above!).




The interior is mostly made of wood .  The arrangement of the tables and chairs are more spacious compared to most of the coffee shops I have been.  It gives a sense of privacy for those who are meeting to discuss business; at the same time, the comfortable couches and cushioned chairs provide a relaxing experience for those who are meeting up with families and friends. 



The second floor area, where the bloggers event was held makes a good venue for business meetings. The bookshelves are designed with interesting books and displays.  The pin-lights provide a relaxing lighting and set a happy mood to the diners.  


If you ever experienced playing Trip to Jerusalem with other coffee diners in other coffee shops – just to get a good seat at the couch, Caffe Bene provides each and every customer a chance to sit at this comfortable chair with embroidered cushion. 

Lookie, I think Caffe Bene even has a mascot – Befy!




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