Coast Call Kitchen & Bar: Chill and Relax When in La Union

San Juan, La Union has always been known for surfing, big waves, and adventures; But sometimes, we just want to go to the beach and relax. For times like these, Coast Call Kitchen & Bar is the place to go.

COAST_CALLCoast Call Kitchen & Bar – the go-to place for great food and a relaxing time

Since December of 2014, Coast Call Kitchen & Bar has been serving the best of Pinoy favorites and famous international dishes to locals and tourists alike. It is also the in-house restaurant of San Juan Surf Resort, which has already been around for years.


Being a thriving tourist destination, many food establishments have recently opened throughout San Juan, La Union. What sets Coast Call apart from other food spots is that they cater to everyone. They don’t just have one specific cuisine. They offer international dishes from different countries all around the world, and classic Pinoy dishes that can and will satisfy anyone’s cravings.

COAST_CALLPinakbet Iloko (Php175)

A bestseller from their Filipino menu is the Pinakbet Iloko — an Ilokano favorite. If you’re a Filipino, you’ll definitely appreciate the distinctly Pinoy taste of this classic Filipino dish. If you’re a foreign tourist, you’ll definitely taste what being an Ilokano is all about. Their recipe came from the owner of Coast Call himself.

COAST_CALLKinilaw na Tuna (Php250)

Another bestselling Filipino dish is the Kinilaw, which is Filipino-style ceviche. This isn’t just a classic Filipino dish, but a classic “pulutan”, as well.

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This dish will definitely reconnect you to your roots. And if you’ve never tried the kinilaw before, Coast Call is the best place to try it. Their kinilaw bursts with sour flavor with every bite. It’s an exciting dish that you should definitely try in this lifetime.

COAST_CALLGrilled Pork Spareribs (Php275)

In Coast Call’s international menu, their bestseller is the Grilled Pork Spareribs, which is marinated with their own Middle Eastern sauce and is served with buttered vegetables, gravy, and a choice of mashed potato, fries, or garlic rice.

COAST_CALLLoaded Nachos (Php260)

Another international bestseller is the Loaded Nachos. “Loaded” it said in its name, and loaded it truly is. It’s topped with ground beef, fresh tomato salsa tossed in lime sauce, and nacho cheese. Each bite overflows with its variety of toppings.

COAST_CALLChoco Crumble

COAST_CALLToasted Marshmallow (Php165)

They also offer a variety of dessertsm such as their Choco Crumble and Oreo Cheesecake. Coast Call also serves milkshakes, cocktails, and local beers. One of their bestselling drinks is the Toasted Marshmallow, which is a combination of Oreo cookies, toasted mallows, and chocolate ice cream. It’s sweet, creamy, and the perfect cool drink to sip when you’re by the beach.

COAST_CALLCoast Call Kitchen & Bar is at great place to take a break from the waves.

This restaurant not only offers great comfort food for both Filipinos and international tourists, but also a relaxing and cozy atmosphere with a great view of the ocean. The place is very open, so the cool sea breeze can add to the chill ambiance of Coast Call.


Coast Call Kitchen & Bar’s combination of a gorgeous beach view and delicious food definitely makes for a truly relaxing experience. Check them out the next time you’re in La Union!

Coast Call Kitchen & Bar

#238 Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

(072) 242-0389 or 0917-880-3040

Instagram: @coastcall_

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