CNN: NAIA is World’s 5th Most HATED Airport



When in Manila I’m sure that you’ve read several articles about NAIA being dubbed “the world’s worst airport” by a certain travel website, however, international news program CNN takes the title to a whole new level by ranking NAIA as the world’s 5th most HATED airport


In an article titled “World’s 10 most hated airports,” CNN’s Jordane Rane said up to the present, NAIA is “beleaguered by ground crew strikes, unkempt conditions, soup kitchen-style lines that feed into more lines and an overall sense of futility.”


It noted the rash of bad press it got, including the “Worst in the World” by the Sleeping in Airport blog. This was capped, however, by a “collapsed ceiling in Terminal 1, a paralyzing ground service strike at T2, and the usual charges of tampered luggage, filthy restrooms, seat shortages at gates, re-sealed water bottles sold in retail shops and an Amazing Race-style check-in routine spiked with bureaucracy, broken escalators, lengthy Dot Matrix passenger lists and creative airport departure fees.”


As humiliating as this may seem, all is not lost as the government has finally decided to take action.  Once again, the power of the internet asserts itself by means of making an online proposal for the renovation of NAIA 1 a reality. In recent months, a video courtesy of industrial designer Kenneth Coponbue‘s Facebook account went viral as it not only presented a proposal for the renovation of the NAIA terminal under fire, but also stated that several distinguished interior designers were willing to offer their services pro- bono.
Due to much clamor, the government has approved a 1 billion Pesos budget for said proposal in hopes of “a newly refurbished Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1” of which “will rise from the shell of the old, much-maligned main gateway…” According to news reports, the cost of the the interior renovation alone is tantamount to P450 million, while the park development will fetch P500 million.


“The proposed P1-billion budget will help build a new image of the Philippines,” according to Pineda, who said in a recent interview that Naia 1, like all modern airports, would provide a “boutique” experience, “not so much for its modest size as for its distinct atmosphere of civility and expedience.”


Officials say that the renovation was not prompted by the negative press NAIA terminal 1 has been receiving and is in fact a result of years of planning…And to that I say, YEAH RIGHT. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE KIDDING?! 



CNN: NAIA is World’s 5th Most HATED Airport