Clay Ave. Pottery Studio: A fun and messy experience!

When in Manila, get creative and get your hands dirty at Mia Casal’s Clay Ave. Pottery Studio!





Located inside Blue Ridge B in Quezon City is a little Pottery Studio wherein you can make your imagination run wild as you mold, pinch and create your own “masterpiece”!

DSC_0026Some of the students’ creations!





Bigger pots/bowls






Some glazed pots/bowls





I was so excited and giddy to get my hands dirty! We were all given 2 kilos of Stoneware Clay and a nylon string which we used to cut out the clay. Today, she taught us “pinching”; shaping the clay using our hands (our four fingers to press, while the thumb holds/controls the clay).






 Stoneware Clay and Nylon String





Mia then taught us how to cut our clay and reminded us that it should just be enough to fit the palm of our hand.






 Mia showing us how to cut our clay





After we all got hold of our own piece of clay, she then taught us how to mold and “pinch” our clay into the shape that we prefer. For this class, we were asked to make bowls.






 Mia shaping the clay 






 Yay! My clay looks ready for some pinching!





After we made a nice round shape out of our clay, we are then asked to dig our thumb inside the middle part of the clay and pinch our away around as we form a little bowl. We were reminded to keep the “walls” sturdy (keep the clay thick). She also reminded us to keep our hands/arms close to our body so we wont get tired easily.






 Pinching my way around






 Lookie! Its starting to look like a bowl! 



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