City Golf Ortigas’ Locale Gastrobar: The Ultimate Comfort Food Haven

City Golf Ortigas’ Locale Gastrobar: The Ultimate Comfort Food Haven


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When in Manila, there’s nothing like unwinding after a long and productive day. The busy and on-the-go life in this magnificent city makes us clamor for a reason to celebrate our detachment from what we consider “the real world”. The busier life gets, the more people find reasons to comfort themselves in the littlest things in life. A cup of good coffee from your favourite coffee shop usually does the trick, but when all else fails, we all know for a fact that nothing eases one’s pain, stress, and what not, more than… FOOD

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Well, nothing spells out C.O.M.F.O.R.T F.O.O.D like Locale Gastrobar does. The term Locale literally means “a place, area, or locality” and they offer the entire package: Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Music, and Good Company. It is your niche – it can literally be anything you want it to be.

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Aside from their vast choices of alcoholic beverages, Locale also offers a wide range of comfort food to perfectly complement your drinking and dining experience at this Gastropub. We were privileged enough to try out more then a few food items from their menu which is basically a mixture of the new dishes and their bestsellers. 

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Truffled Mozzarella Balls 

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Angus Basil Meatballs

The group of owners from different fields of expertise, together with their astounding chefs, personally crafted all your favourite comfort food to make it even better and remarkably unforgettable. One of my favourites is the Truffled Mozzarella Balls. I was very impressed by how the truffle didn’t overpower the cheese at all. 

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Bestseller: Gambas

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Veal Al Ajillo

By the time the Gambas were served, we noticed that things were only getting better. Their bestselling dish brings about frenzy of spice and earthy flavours that fittingly makes you want more. Locale offers signature dishes but conceptualized to fit the modernization of present day. You will be surprised to find out how what may seem divergent ingredients perfectly balances the outburst of flavours in your pallete.

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Trying out Locale once simply won’t do the place any justice. It will surely keep you coming back for more. This is exactly how I feel about their Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Their recipe is like no other. It’s made out of class A cheeses, grilled, and then deep-fried with Cerveza batter. You will never look at a Grilled Cheese Sandwich the same again. 

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LOCALE Stuffed Chicken

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Kahlua Pork Baby Back Ribs

By the time our last two meals were served, we were all delighted with what seemed like the best hour of our lives. But it wasn’t the end yet. We all found ourselves still hungry for these mouth-watering dishes. The LOCALE StuffedChicken was crispy and flavorful. The creamy sauce perfectly complemented the dish. Who would’ve thought that Kahlua can be used  as an ingredient for cooking? The Kahlua Pork Baby Back Ribs is literally to die for. The meat effortlessly slides off the bone and melts in your mouth with every bite.  

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 Ryan Ordonez, Rommel Cuevo, Yang Pulong Barit, Allen Del Mundo, Nadz Payumo, Cammy Aioki, Adrianne Alamillo, and Chef Dan


When in Manila and looking for a place to unwind and find comfort over astounding food, drinks, music, and company, then you definitely need to try out Locale Gastrobar.


Dining experience courtesy of Groupon Philippines.

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Photos by: Nadz Payumo and Allen Del Mundo



Locale Gastrobar at City Golf Ortigas


City Golf Compound, Doña Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

(+63 2) 631 0468 and (+63 929) 322 3844

Email: localegastrobar@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LocaleGastrobar

Twitter / Instagram: @localegastrobar


City Golf Ortigas’ Locale Gastrobar: The Ultimate Comfort Food Haven