Coffee Empire: Third Wave Coffee Invades the Philippines

Coffee Empire: Third Wave Coffee Invades the Philippines


The Third Wave Coffee movement is upon us! The Philippines seems to be at the brink of a new food fad and the caffeine fiends are rejoicing!

We’re predicting that 2014’s biggest culinary craving is that of specialty coffee, also known as Third Wave Coffee.

For those not familiar, Third Wave Coffee aspires to the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, for one to fully taste the subtleties of flavor, variety, and growing region, such as that done for wines. Third Wave Coffee refers to a current movement to produce high quality coffee, and to consider coffee as an artisanal food, rather than a commodity. Part of this movement has coffee growers, tasters and drinkers demanding better quality in all aspects of coffee, from the coffee plant growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and tasting.


One such place in Manila that adheres to the high standards of the top brew masters is The Coffee Empire in Quezon City!




Located in the capital of the Philippines, this place will soon be the capital for coffee lovers everywhere.





We were deeply impressed at the level of coffee knowledge and the attention to detail they provided for every aspect of their coffee business. The baristas at Coffee Empire were so much fun to talk to as they went into detail about every aspect of each cup of coffee they were serving us. They talked about where each cup was grown, how they should be stored, the perfect way to brew the specific coffee bean and even what type of person would enjoy that cup the most! The definitely knew a lot for something I used to underestimate.






The Coffee Empire had coffees from all over the Philippines and from all over the world! You’re sure to find a cup that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for a light cup with hints of fruity flavors, stronger cups with splashes of chocolate tastes or the slap-you-in-the-face-to-wake-up types of coffee, the baristas here will brew you the perfect blend.




On this day, we got to try out a few amazing Third Wave Coffee brews:



Indonesian Mandheling Grade 1 via V60 Hand Drip



El Salvador via Aeropress



Ethiopian Sidamo OCR via V60 Hand Drip


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