Cirque Mother Africa Comes to Manila: Cirque du Soleil CircusMama in the Philippines

Cirque Mother Africa

When In Manila, this is one amazing show you should not dare miss! The Cirque Mother Africa / CircusMama is coming to town!

Organized by Establish Events in cooperation with Media Central, Cirque Mother Africa (CircusMama) is a heart pumping, show-stopping, absolutely captivating two hour performance that combines African music, dance, and acrobatics with the pulsating heartbeat of Africa. The thrilling African spectacular will be coming to Resorts World Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater for four days only, from April 19 to 22, 2012!

40 artists from all over the African continent – Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, the Ivory Coast, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Guinea, to name a few – come together in the dynamic African Circus production to showcase their diverse cultures and talent in a way that has never been seen before. A definite treat for the senses, hold on to the edge of your seats for the feats of energy, strength, flexibility, and pure, unadulterated fun that just explode on stage!

 Cirque Mother Africa

The brainchild of professional acrobat and performer, Winston Ruddle,  Cirque Mother Africa has toured and performed in sold out shows in Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, and Spain. The troupe has also traveled as far as Australia and New Zealand in 2011, and are due for a stopover in Singapore on the 12th of April before heading to Manila. The artists of CircusMama are dancers, singers, or musicians – yet most are quite often all three. It’s like The Lion King on steroids!

For Cirque Mother Africa, audiences are transported deep into the jungles of Africa, where there is one big party happening and everyone is invited! I doubt that lion is getting any sleep on the nights of the performances! Tribal masks, booty shaking drum beats, stomping, an appropriate amount yelling, and colorful costumes, all add to the authenticity of the show. Acrobats, aerial artists, jugglers, stilt dancers, contortionists, and clowns, are accompanied by African musicians and percussionists, as they give everyone a taste of the rich and diverse culture of the place they call home. Jaws drop to the floor, as audiences sit in mesmerized awe and delight. 

Much like its big sister, Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Mother AfricaCircusMama is a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment. Yet unlike its sister, Cirque Mother Africa doesn’t have any particular story to tell, other than to bring a sliver of  the African continent to the Philippines, for even just a little while. But even without a story line, the performance still manages to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses and provoke emotions of the audience taking it all in.

When In Manila, they’re only here for four days! To book tickets to Cirque Mother Africa / CircusMama , check out Better hurry too, the seats are filling up fast!


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Cirque Mother Africa Comes to Manila: Cirque du Soleil CircusMama in the Philippines


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