This Store Sells the Ultimate Choco Butternut Cake for the Extreme Chocolate Lovers

There’s something about the choco butternut donut Filipinos love so much that cannot be put into words. It just evokes that comfort and nostalgia from childhood days when our parents would surprise us with a box of donuts from our favorite local store. The sweet chocolatey goodness never fails to satisfy our sweet tooth!

Now, what if I tell you that you can enjoy the choco butternut in cake form?

cielles whisk choco butternut cake

Yup, it’s true! Cielle’s Whisk has created an ultra decadent Choco butternut Overload Cake! It’s chockfull of chocolatey goodness that was made for the extreme chocolate lovers in Metro Manila. I mean, just look at it! It’s humungous compared to a normal cake, layered with sweet fudge and completely coated in ganache and that vibrant orange-colored butternut coating.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that this cake isn’t the kind you’d want to eat a big slice of in one sitting. I found that the best way to enjoy this is by plating up a very modest serving and brewing yourself a cup of hot tea to combat the cloying sweetness that would otherwise overpower your tastebuds.

cielles whisk choco butternut cake slice WIM

This 8×3” cake sells for PHP850, but you can also get them in smaller sizes or opt for the cheesecake version!

Check out more of their dessert offerings on their social media pages below.

Cielle’s Whisk


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