Choose Your Fighter: 4 Unique Food Combinations For Every Type of Get-Together

Everyone can agree that we Pinoys know how to throw and celebrate a good feast. Whether it is a birthday party, a fiesta, or just a simple get-together, we always jump at the chance to have a celebration with food at the center of it all. 

Lucky for us, our rich appetites are matched by an equally diverse array of food favorites which makes it easy for everyone to find something they like on a table spread. But what if your get-together is composed of different personalities with totally opposing tastes? Our suggestion? Totally unique food combinations that still work despite being so different from each other! Read on below for ideas for your next gathering. 

For the Family Reunion: Sizzling Sisig and Sinigang na Bangus


Family reunions are often tricky to food prep for because you have to consider the different tastes of different age groups. We say find a good compromise by combining two dishes that are opposite yet complementary of each other like GoodAh’s Sinigang na Bangus and Sizzling Sisig. The hearty soup of the sinigang is perfect for those who need something more warming, while sisig, of course, is the go-to fare for those who want to indulge in a little bit of fatty goodness. Together though, the flavors of these dishes can also create such an interesting combination because the acidity and sourness of the sinigang is the perfect palate cleanser for the rich umami flavors of sisig. 

For the Impromptu Boodle Fight: Pinakbet and Pork Liempo


We all know the regulars of a boodle fight, but why stick to the usual when you can add some extra thrill with the right dishes? Pinakbet and Pork Liempo is such a great combination because of their contrasting flavor profiles that just make you want to eat more–case in point, the bitterness of the ampalaya with the sweet and salty goodness of some fatty liempo! Don’t be afraid of playing with different flavor profiles to level up that experience!

For that Quick Escape at the Beach: Binagoongan and Kare-Kare


A summer getaway won’t be complete without the right food to enjoy! Yes, the inihaws are the regulars here, but why not add some usual fiesta superstars to up the celebration more? Binagoongan and Kare-Kare should be obvious by now for everyone. Kare-Kare with Bagoong? Yes, please. Now, Kare-Kare with Binagoongan? That’s some next-level magic! 

For the Barkada Party: Herbed Chicken and Crispy Pata


Every group has that member who is all about healthy living. But how about those who want to indulge in a little bit of sin on their cheat days? The GoodAh!!! Herbed Chicken is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the sweet spot between healthy and flavorful because of its unique baked and fried method of cooking. Rich with herbs and absolutely scrumptious with its juicy meat and crispy skin, this one-of-a-kind dish hits all the right spots when it comes to food preparation and taste. Of course, a usual Pinoy get-together won’t be complete with just one type of meat so throw in some Crispy Pata in there for that sharp contrast in flavor! Beer optional!

You can enjoy all of these meals when you order from homegrown food chain GoodAh!!! The brains behind other iconic Pinoy plates like the cultural food gem tapsilog, the restaurant has perfected the art of providing hearty and iconic dishes that retain their homecooked goodness. Want something more interesting than these unique food combinations? The restaurant also has Salo-Salo Panalo Ulam Sets that can match your taste and appetite.

GoodAh!!! is the perfect go-to place if you want to throw a feast without food prepping yourself because you can easily order for takeout from their Sucat, Bicutan, Timog, Granada, Pasig, Alabang, Valenzuela and Fairview branches. Of course, you can also enjoy their dishes by ordering on food apps like Grab Food and Food Panda. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information. 

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