Caviar Pies Manila: Accessible Decadence

Caviar is one of the most luxurious delicacies – and for good reason. These black pearls of salt-cured fish eggs are delicate and time-consuming to produce, making it a rare dish that was once only enjoyed by royalty. These days, it’s still an opulent treat, but with the more sustainable methods used in the process, it has become a lot more accessible.

One particular dish that has been giving caviar a good name locally is the caviar pie from Caviar Pies Manila. Combining the rustic appeal of pie and the decadence of caviar, caviar pie has made the delicacy less intimidating and more exciting to try.

Caviar Pies

The caviar pies are the creation of Veronica Schlageter Misa, a half-Swiss Filipina who took up HRM in Switzerland and had already been making these pies before she started the business last year. Since she and her husband, Paolo, who encouraged her to start the business, often threw parties and were invited to dinners, she wanted to create a unique dish that would make a lasting impression.

“Paolo and I like to host little get-togethers at home when we have the time, and I started by making caviar pies, which we found to be a great hit with guests, young and young-at-heart alike. My husband encouraged me to make it into a business since family and friends were asking about it. I experimented with different mixes of ingredients and finally came up with a winning formula that you can find when you order a caviar pie from us,” she says.

Since she started selling the pies, she has received good reception from adventurous food enthusiasts, yuppies, moms, and even celebrities including Karel Marquez, Valeen Montenegro, and Coleen Garcia.

Caviar Pies Manila 2Caviar pie pairs well with saltines or even pandesal.

The pie comes in three layers, starting with a cream cheese and herb mix at the bottom, an egg mixture in the middle (potatoes may be substituted if requested), and a generous layer of caviar at the top. The best way to enjoy it is to have all three layers in one bite on top of a cracker, blini (mini pancake), or even pandesal. Upon first bite, it might not taste like anything because it’s still a little too cold after being taken out of the fridge. Best wait for a few seconds (just a few because it’s still best enjoyed cold) and then take another bite and that’s really when the magic happens – the fishiness of the black pearls just melds so well with the rich creaminess of the layers of egg and cream cheese mixtures that it’s impossible not to make yourself another stack.

“When I have friends and inquirers who say they are not really fond of caviar, I ask them to give my caviar pie a try first. And, I must say, they have already made many converts!” Veronica says.

Caviar Pies ManilaPhotos from Caviar Pies Manila

The pies use good-quality fish eggs from Europe and local ingredients. They are available in three sizes: a 2.5-inch diameter good for two (P550), a 4-inch pie for four (P950) and a 7-inch pie for 8 to 12 people (P1,600), the prices of which are not too steep for something as luxurious as caviar.

Delivery is available to Makati and the Fort areas and pick-up at Merville Park, Parañaque, but orders must be made at least a day before. The pie must also be refrigerated and eaten within three days for freshness, which probably won’t be a problem since this decadent treat gets consumed pretty quickly.


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Photos by Ian Benetua unless stated otherwise