Manilabake: Bread Making is an Art Form

 Manilabake Facade





Good bread is the result of, among other things – pure ingredients, proper fermentation (or rise) and a full bake.

-Ms. Gretchen Lim, Manilabake proprietor



When in Manila and eager to try homebaked goodness, drop by Manilabake and taste the classic Filipino breads and pastries reminiscent of those old-timey bakeries have churned out a few generations ago.



Veering away from the notably hasty preparation of baked goods in the Philippines, the recently opened Manilabake chooses to combine the traditional and innovative methods of baking. Breads, cakes, pies and other pastries are made from quality ingredients gathered all over the Philippines. The staff uses heritage recipes and sets high standards in bread making.



Ms. Gretchen Lim, the proprietor of Manilabake, quips, “Commercial food products nowadays are all too often made quickly to the detriment of eating quality, taste and nutritive value. Consumers have reacted, giving rise to a return to traditional ways of preparing food. Think of the slow food movement, for instance. Or the success of weekend markets that offer homemade goods.”





Pandesal and Bonete

Pan de sal (left) – Php 8 for the whole wheat Php 45 for the barbecue-filled
Bonete – Php 5




As Serye Café Filipino’s sister establishment, Manilabake uses unbleached,chemical-free flour, Pangasinan sea salt and their own sourdough starter for their breads. They do use commercial yeast, but only in tiny amounts, and they might exclusively use their own starter very soon.





Manilabake Pastries





The milk Manilabake uses is purchased from the local dairy, eggs from the local farm, calamansi from the city market, wild honey from Palawan, muscovado from Sultan Kudarat, tablea chocolate from Malagos, cashews from Bataan, longganisa from Vigan, buffalo mozzarella from Nueva Ecija, and coffee from Benguet and South Cotabato.





Manilabake Store rack display





Manilabake is also a café as a variety of snacks are available for your consumption.





Manilabake Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie a la Cubana
delicious meat covered with mashed camote and mashed potato, Php 195





Manilabake Puttanesca

Kesong Puti Puttanesca, Php 250





Manilabake Macapuno Pandan Cake
Macapuno Pandan Cake
(six-inch round, P495; nine-inch round, P885)





Calamansi Cupcake and Queso de Bola Cupcake

Calamansi Cupcake (left) – Php 70
Queso de Bola Cupcake – Php 70





Tuna and Chicken Curry Empanadas

Tuna Empanada (left) – Php 70
Chicken Curry Empanada – Php 70 




Manilabake Mango Cream Pie

Mango Cream Pie 




With Christmas just several days away, Manilabake has prepared delightfully scrumptious Christmas basket offerings–perfect additions to your noche buena. Here are some of what they offer:





Manilabake Bottled Goodies Gift Set

 Bottled Goodies Gift Set




Manilabake Holiday Cookies

 Holiday Cookies




 Manilabake Muscovado Cookies

Muscovado Cookies – 12 pcs for Php 170, 20 for Php 280





Enjoy a cup of hot Tsokolate Eh or Houseblend Coffee. Treat your folks to a nostalgic experience down memory road with Manilabake’s Pan de Sal, Bonete and Guava Jelly.
Try. Feast. Be merry, when in Manila.



by Serye Café Filipino


206-A Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge A, Quezon City
(right next to McDonald’s) 


Operating hours:
Monday to Sunday
6 a.m.–9p.m.


Deliveries are free within a five-kilometer radius.
For orders, call (02) 509 1973 or (0916) 4984547.





Manilabake: Bread Making is an Art Form