Causeway Seafood Restaurant: Taste Superb Authentic Cantonese Food

Causeway Seafood Restaurant: Taste Superb Authentic Cantonese Food


It was love at first taste. And yes, I did not expect it to happen right then and there.


Causeway Seafood RestaurantCauseway Seafood Restaurant along Banawe Street


The first time I entered Causeway Seafood Restaurant along Banawe Street in Quezon City, I was full of uncertainties. Aware of how much of a killjoy I can be as an eater sometimes, I wasn’t so sure what to expect from a restaurant that served authentic Cantonese cuisine. But what can you expect from someone whose exposure to Cantonese food thus far was only limited to copycat variations of  siomai and instant noodles sold in supermarkets? I could not back out, though. I was with my bosses and saying no to their invitation would be very impolite and unkind of me.

Fortunately, the universe seemed to have conspired for me. I immediately fell in love with the appetisers. Why wouldn’t I? They were the best chicken feet I have ever had. The Spareribs Tausi was amazing, too.

To cut the story short, I liked everything I tasted there that day – enough for me to fall in love with Causeway Seafood Restaurant itself. I also began to understand why they have managed to stay on top of the game for more than a decade so far.


Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Causeway 2

Causeway Seafood Restaurant has been in business for 15 years. And the truth is, people have loved it since its very first branch – the one along Banawe Street – opened its doors in 1999. Now, it already has a total of five branches in Congressional, Benavides, Libis, Timog, and Banawe. The Banawe branch already has an extension called Causeway 2.

My love for Causeway Seafood Restaurant could no longer be denied, so I kept on coming back for more. As such, it isn’t any wonder why I almost jumped for joy upon learning about their newest dishes. The thought of trying them out automatically came in.


Causeway Seafood RestaurantPork Siomai

Causeway Seafood RestaurantShrimp Dumplings


One Friday night, we headed to the Banawe branch to sample them all. However, before trying the new dishes, we had our favorite Spareribs with Tausi first. We had Pork Siomai and Shrimp Dumplings, too, some of their best-selling dimsums. We had a hard time picking, though. There were 15 dimsums to choose from. One of the things I have always loved about their dimsums is their perfection. Then, we were told, that all of them are actually made in the restaurant’s commissary.


Causeway Seafood RestaurantHong Kong Style Fried Noodles


After that, we had the Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles. It looks simpler than the ones that can be bought at kiosks, but we could tell the difference.


Causeway Seafood RestaurantLotus Leaves Fried Rice

Causeway Seafood RestaurantAssorted Seafood Nest

Causeway Seafood RestaurantLive King Fish Coooked in Hot Pot


Of course, we deviated from the usual plain rice ritual of ours and chose the Lotus Leaves Fried Rice. It perfectly matched the Assorted Seafood Nest, which was served in an edible bowl made of noodles, and the “Live” King Fish Cooked in Hot Pot.


Causeway Seafood RestaurantPotato with Beef Tenderloin Cubes

Causeway Seafood RestaurantThai-Style Prawns

Causeway Seafood RestaurantFried Kuapao