These Stylish Sanitizers Are Also Keychains So You’ll Never Forget to Bring One With You

With the pandemic came new rituals and rules that we continue to live by to this day. One of them is sanitizing our hands and things that we come into contact with. Since we don’t always have water nearby, though, having a more portable option – especially for when you’re on the road – is a great idea. If you aren’t a fan of alcohol because of how it feels and if you prefer something that smells great but isn’t overpowering; we recommend Cathy Kathy’s Mist Sanitizers!

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That’s right. Those cute products in the photo are sanitizers! These mist sanitizers are made to sanitize your hands and disinfect any surface so you can use them on doorknobs, tables, chairs, and other things you may come into contact with.

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They also contain aloe vera extract so your hands stay hydrated and don’t dry out no matter how many times you use it. The best part? They’re infused with essential oils so smelling them every time you use them can actually boost your mood – and who doesn’t need that during the day?

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Cathy Kathy was founded in 2019 by Elaine Huang, a young mompreneur in Manila. Her love for beauty products started when she opened her own beauty salon in 2017. Elaine knew she wanted to create products for her own salon since she wanted specific products that weren’t readily available in the market so it makes sense that she handpicks all of the products that she conceptualizes under the Cosmetic category.

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Photo from Cathy Kathy

The Cathy Kathy Mist Sanitizer is one of those products – and she hits all the right marks with it! These sanitizers are cruelty-free and paraben-free, and pregnancy-safe. They also contain aloe vera extract so your hands stay hydrated and don’t dry out no matter how many times you use it.

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It’s a perfect size too! Not only is it a keychain that you can attach to your bag for easy use and portability but it’s also travel-friendly! Yes, its size is allowed for carry-on luggage on your trips. In fact, it even fits into small bags and even your pockets.

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If you tend to use different bags depending on the day or your mood, we’d recommend stocking up on these mist sanitizers so you can hang one on your most-used bags instead of moving them from one bag to another each time.

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You don’t have to feel bad about stocking up or making the switch either because the Cathy Kathy Mist Sanitizers are good for the environment. You can refill and reuse them when they run out, and they also come in recyclable packaging. Stock up on these stylish mist sanitizers today!


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