Cat Box in Ayala Triangle: A Room Full of Kitties

When In Manila, more and more animal lovers and animal rights activists are beginning to make a change for our beloved animal friends. With several laws now slowly being implemented to protect the animals, we are definitely gaining more hope in a better future for them.

In the meantime, several groups still seek your help in finding forever homes for the stray cats and dogs that were found and rescued. Groups such as Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) and Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) have hundreds of cats in their care that are still looking for their homes.

Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-07This is “Puti”. See that scar on her back? Some heartless person threw boiling water at her. Luckily she was rescued and is now under the care of PAWS. She is up for adoption, would you care to bring her home?


Yesterday, a surprise event was held in Ayala Triangle to encourage more people to live by these animal group’s advocacy – Adopt Don’t Shop. Though it is understandable that some people are looking for specific breeds, please also note that these animals (just like people) all deserve love, regardless of their breed. That being said, the CAT BOX in Ayala Triangle was very similar to the KITTEN THERAPY video a watched several months ago.


Doesn’t that video just make you smile? So when news of a CAT BOX started spreading on Facebook, I KNEW I just had to see it myself! The Cat Box was placed in Ayala Triangle yesterday (June 26) and opened to the public from 6-9. It was a joint event by PAWS, Purina and Friskies Philippines.  There were more than 10 different cats, while around 8 were let in the Cat Box. People lined up and entered 2 by 2. Unfortunately, with the huge crowd, each pair was only allowed 5 minutes with the adorable kitties.


Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-02PAWS volunteers and their rescued kitties!


Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-01The CAT BOX!


Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-06People lined up and excited to enter the Cat Box


Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-05Meet some of the beautiful cats up for adoption! There’s Sara, and Huyo, Mina, Fabio….


Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-03This is York, another rescued cat from PAWS. He’s about 3 years old and is one of the SWEETEST cats ever. He just enjoys all the attention


Cat-Box-Ayala-Triangle-04Rezza having some fun with one of the kittens in the Cat Box


I was so glad that I was just in the area and got to experience this first hand! It was such a wonderful feeling getting to play with all these cats and let them feel our love. To those with cats or the like, please don’t forget to have your kitties spayed/neutered. I promise you it’s completely safe and is actually beneficial for the cats. Then, if you want more cats, you can always head over to one of the shelters mentioned above and adopt your very own furball!

I sure hope another event similar to this will be held some time in the near future. Perhaps we can also do one with pupppies? haha Oh my, I’m silently screaming in my seat with excitement.

Where you one of the lucky few who got to experience this? How was it?

What do you guys think of this?