Cariza’s: Sinfully Good Stuffed Cookies

“Indulgent” is the perfect adjective to describe Cariza’s stuffed cookies. One bite is all it took to know that they’re the most sinful and decadent cookies I’ve ever tasted. Trust the part-dessertarian on this one.

Let me give points for every wonderful characteristic that I personally consider the perfect 10 chocolate chip cookie should have. +2 points right off the bat for its beauty and unique twist. I mean, who puts a cookie inside a cookie? Cookie-ception!

Carizas Stuffed Cookies(1)

Cariza’s Stuffed Cookies Mixed Flavors (P370 for a box of 8): Choc nut, Double Stuff Oreo, Hershey’s Morsels, White Chocolate, Nutella, Reese’s, Kinder Bueno, and Snickers.

Carizas Stuffed Cookies(2)

Double Choco Stuffed Cookies (P420 for a box of 8): Oreo Mint, KitKat, Dulce de Leche, and Peanut Butter.

On the outside, these look like your ordinary cookie-cutter cookies but with extra chocolate chip chunks embedded throughout the dough. +2 points for not skimping out on ingredients.

Carizas Stuffed Cookies(3)

When you bite into it, though? Man, oh, man, will it blow your mind! I’m not exaggerating here. My mouth gaped open a little bit in surprise when I saw the stuffing inside. The little fat kid in me just wanted to stuff it all in my face.

Gross, I know; but cookies make me go crazy.

+4 points for taste; it has just the right sweetness that can turn any unpleasant day pleasantly sweet.

I should add that they’re best eaten warm. Pop it in the microwave for 5 seconds to fully enjoy. They taste 2x better when all gooey!

Carizas Stuffed Cookies (11)

Stuffed cookies are just like people…

the good stuff is on the inside! 😉

Hanah Agbayani, the smart cookie responsible for creating these sumptuous treats, says that they’re all homemade. There’s great appeal to homemade food because I feel it’s created more carefully versus the ones mass-produced. I’m happy knowing that there are great cookies and Hanah is at work preparing fresh batches for cookie lovers everywhere. They’re prepared preservative-free on the same day they are delivered. +2 points for fresh homemade happiness!

Carizas Stuffed Cookies (5)

The perfect companion to cold ice cream is this warm and fudgy stuffed cookie.

So, do I find Cariza’s stuffed cookies perfect? Are they chewy? Thick? Oozing with chocolate? Yes, yes, yes, yes and more!

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When in Manila has raved about the brand before (read more here!) and Cariza’s is still bringing it on today with naked cakes, cupcakes, and upcoming flavors. I gotta try their vegan cookies next!




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