Caravan Black: Serving Coffee The Way You Like It

Now this isn’t going to be just another post about a coffee shop. Just because its new & cozy, means it will be worth the trip. With different cafes mushrooming around, you can easily take your pick of the day or week & shuffle your way through them like your last poker game.  But the question is, which ones will stay in your routine? What kind of coffee shop will hit that personal note in you for you to call it home?

Right in the heart of BGC lies a gorgeous high ceilinged coffeeshop called Caravan Black. The moment you walk in, you know this is not your hole-in-the-wall, neither the too commercialized kind of coffee shop, too. It’s a specialty coffee shop which means it is unique, distinct and has something special to offer.


When you walk in and really don’t know what to order, Caravan Black baristas won’t push its flavor of the month on you but rather ask how you like your coffeeblack, with cream, sweet, adventurous, etc. Kind of like asking how you are feeling today, and the barista will tailor fit a drink just for you.


Even if you feel like having a beer, they have something just for that happy hour kind of vibe.


With good coffee should come good food too. I think you just don’t put in any kind of food in a coffee shop; it should be made to go well with your drink, be familiar enough to comfort us and be tastefully done to keep you coming back for more.

Just like the Classic Spaghetti Bolognese (Php 290) which simply has ragu, red wine and herbs. I loved how it didn’t have an overpowering taste but rather a smooth and pleasant experience in every bite.


The Bacon Steak & Eggs (Php 395) has a thick cut applewood bacon that meat lovers or a majority of the population (yes that’s you bacon lover) can savor. I got you at bacon, didn’t I? Need I say more?


Now the Shrimp Roll (Php 295) gives you that much needed refresher with its shrimp salad, celery, iceberg & aioli. Looks healthy, and that shrimp really is succulent!


Saving the best for last, is the fluffy salted caramel Mini Pancakes. Vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, powdered sugar and bite-sized surprises that go well with your coffee. This, you have to take with your coffee.


Definitely comfort food. Comfort food done well.

And because Caravan Black is a specialty coffee shop, let me show you this.


The Gibraltar (Php 130).  What used to be a secret drink in the days, and sometimes dubbed an underground drink, is yours for the taking at Caravan Blackespresso, milk…slam it on.

Caravan Black takes a lot of pride in making their coffeeevery step is made with heart. I never knew how much care and passion is put into every cup that is served to you. Even if it’s take out, you still get that swirly little heart. These little attention to detail in every step lets you know you are getting your money’s worth.


From a standard coffee menu, to caravan signature drinks, Caravan Black always has something for you in the day-time or when after-offce hours turn into happy hours. 


The Nitro Cold Brew powers you up and the coffee cocktails such as Classic Pimm’s No. 1 and Coffee Mojito will surely give you a delightful blend of booze and coffee.




The classic & timeless interiors simply pull people in. Just hanging around at Caravan Black for a few hours made me witness a breezy free flow of customers which is such a breath of fresh air from the jam-packed ones.



Oh and if you’ve been wondering about the nameCaravan Blackit goes back to the way coffee has traveled the globe via caravans. They are continuing that tradition by serving great coffee from around the world. From handpicked estate coffee farms all the way to your coffee cup.



When in Manila, all this boils down to love for coffee & its celebration of togetherness. In giving their best in everything they do,  an ultimate coffee experience and a cafe that you can relate to.  This is your story, a beautiful memory. Hop on and come along for the ride.

Caravan Black Coffee Company

Net Park, 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Philippines
Facebook: Caravan Black
IG: CaravanBlackCoffee