Caramia Gelateria: Italian Gelato with a Luscious Twist

Caramia, an Italian term for “my dear,” offers delectable frozen desserts, mouth-watering cream cakes, gelato shakes, iced coffees, frappes, and pasta concoctions. Caramia Gelato Cafe is part of the Amici chain of restaurants and has several outlets in Metro Manila.

The outlet in Ayala Fairview Terraces mall in Maligaya Drive, Pasong Putik, Quezon City (in front of SM Fairview) is more than just a cafe. It is a cool retreat from the intense heat of the summer season due to its ideal location in the garden surrounded with plants and trees. The cozy interior design of Caramia adds to the relaxing feel of the atmosphere.

Caramia Gelateria: Italian Gelato in a luscious twist

The taste of its cakes is distinctively creamy and the pasta treats are Italian creation because Caramia is an offspring of both Amici and Red Ribbon. Amici is known for its home-cooked Italian pizza and pasta recipes, while Red Ribbon is known to produce creamy and delectable cakes and these combinations are what comprise Caramia’s cakes and pasta.

But more than creamy cakes and pasta, Caramia is famous for its luscious gelato, an Italian version of ice cream. What made this dessert wonder extra yummy and mouth-watering is the scrumptious twist in the gelato concoctions, blending smooth mixtures to shakes, iced coffees, and frappes providing a different refreshment pleasure.

caramia_gelato_cafe1Cool interior of Caramia in Ayala Fairview Terraces

Caramia Gelateria: Italian Gelato with a luscious twist

Its gelato-based desserts include affogato, a scoop of gelato on a bed of soaked ladyfingers, and served with a blast of espresso coffee and hazelnut. This is worth trying when you are at Caramia. Other affogato varieties are Tiramisu Twist, Black Forest Spell, Berries Delight, Tropical Mix, and Choco Banana.

The gelato shakes are, equally, thirst quenchers. The blends of gelati, whipping cream, and chocolate syrup are what made these coolers distinct from the natural shakes in the market. I tried the gelato shake variety–Strawberry Delights, a concoction of creamy gelato strawberry flavor drizzled with whipping cream, and chocolate syrup. Insanely scrumptious!

Caramia Gelateria: Italian Gelato with a luscious twistStrawberry Delights: a gelato shake creation at Caramia, Php165.00

Caramia Gelateria: Italian gelato with a luscious twistPenne Rosa and Bacon Pasta, Php185.00

However, the best food experience you must not miss at Caramia is gorging gelato cakes, a gastronomic adventure to look forward especially if you have never tried devouring this kind of dessert twist. Gelato cakes are delectable creations of different gelato flavors, cakes and toppings, which are really dessert wonders  that are worth trying.

If you want to stick with gelato, Caramia is offering more than 20 luscious flavors: Pistachio, Sans Rival, Strawberry Supreme, Cioccolato, Straciatella, Mint with Chocolate, Espresso, Choco with Nuts, Blueberry Supreme, Nocciola (Hazelnut), Guianduia (Choco Hazelnut), Vanilla, Mango Classic, Mango Jubilee, Ube, Macapuno, Pineapple, and Banana. Per scoop is Php 85.00.

Caramia Gelateria: Italian Gelato with a luscious twist

Caramia Gelateria: Italian Gelato with a luscious twist

I love gelato ice cream because of its very smooth texture, creamy taste, softness, and consistency. It does not easily melt unlike ice cream. While its texture remains soft and refine, the consistency of the cream is stable, which made this Italian dessert ultra-luscious and gratifying.

Gelato is an original Italian ice cream creation. Although it’s part of the ice cream family, gelato is distinctively creamier, sturdier, and delicious. There’s really a unique spike of taste that separates gelato from an ordinary ice cream. It contains less than fats compared to ice cream which makes it a bit healthier.



Caramia Gelateria is relatively cheaper compared to other authentic Italian gelato cafes  in Metro Manila. Gelati per scoop is Php 85.00. They also offer gelato sundaes with three scoops of different gelato flavors. Price ranges from Php 195.00 to Php 215.00 depending on the combined flavors. For creamy gelato cakes, per slice ranges from Php 90.0o to Php 215.00. A whole layer is Php875.00. Affogato, which has two to three combinations of gelati flavors, is Php155.00 per serving. The must-try affogato is the Nocciola Blend, a potion of hazelnut gelato with mini chocolate chips and cherry on top.

If your craving is on pasta, Caramia has pasta treats that suit everyone’s taste. The flavor is distinctively Italian which enhances appetite. They have several best-sellers, Penne Rosa and Carbonara are just some. Price ranges from Php 160.00 to Php 200.00.

Ayala Fairview Terraces
Ground Floor, Central Garden
Maligaya drive, Pasong Putik, Quezon City