House of Lasagna’s Palatable Menu Will Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures

House of Lasagna’s Palatable Menu Will Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures

People, including myself, who have a deep and perpetual longing for anything cheesy will find a warm home in House of Lasagna (HoL). Staying true to its name, House of Lasagna boasts of a wide variety of lasagnas — from its bestseller Beef Lasagna, to its innovative dishes like the Pesto Lasagna and Seafood Lasagna, as well as other signature meals.




HoL Megamall Branch, Lower Ground Floor of SM Megamall


House of Lasagna is an Italian-inspired restaurant that opened its first of six branches in 2009. This is the only restaurant in the country that specializes in lasagna. it is spearheaded by two people who do best in their chosen fields: Chef Erick Congmon from Cebu who is responsible for the recipes behind HoL and who is also part of the Congmon clan who owns the Sunburst Fried Chicken resto chain in Visayas and Mindanao, and Ms. Jannah Chua Torres, who is the Marketing and Franchise Director of this food business. 

House of Lasagna-Menu


Southern Fried Chicken Skin (180 php)


My mom always tells me not to eat chicken skin, especially the ones sold on the streets, that’s why there’s this craving of doing something my mom told me not to do aka saying yes to this glorious chicken skin! You might want to order this when you visit HoL because, although sinful, the skin coated with their secret seasoning and deep fried to perfection is just delicious.

We waited for 15 minutes or so for the pasta because unlike other restaurants, HoL’s lasagnas are assembled as soon as the order is made. Expect a bit of waiting in exchange for a whole lot of good eating!



Carbonara Lasagna (280 php)


I LOVE THIS! The moment I tasted the layers upon layers of pasta and thick sauces of cheese and cream, I knew that this would be my favorite! One order of the lasagna comes with unlimited garlic bread and it goes so well together. I could eat this everyday!



Beef Lasagna (280 php)


You will definitely feel full with just a few spoonfuls of the Beef Lasagna. The presence of beef gives a new flavor to the whole cheesy thing and the generous amount of it in between layers of the right thinness of pasta — perfect as a meal!


Pesto Lasagna (280 php)


If you like eating healthy, this might be your favorite. Made with fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, crushed garlic, and extra virgin oil, the classic pesto is given a new twist on this one. It’s a bit bitter, but I don’t really mind. I didn’t know pesto can be made into lasagna until we were invited at HoL. It just goes to show that there’s so much more good food for rediscovery and reinvention.



The lasagnas with the Southern Fried Chicken Platter (6 pcs, 390 php)


The fried chicken served as a break to our pasta party. It’s the chef’s family recipe, so there’s no wonder why it tastes so good. It’s bigger than the usual fried chicken, and its flavor not only sits on its skin but in its meat, as well.

Giving in to guilty pleasures makes my conscience go crazy, but I guess crazy can sometimes be good, because one thing that I realized with HoL is that no matter how deliciously sinful their foods are, what matters is the satisfaction you give yourself at the moment. Don’t make it a habit, though! Make yourself miss it a little and when you do, do yourself a favor and drag your friends with you to House of Lasagna.

PS: They also deliver! Order their lasagnas in party trays for big groups by calling any of their numbers below:


House of Lasagna

San Juan-Main Branch: 570-8610
Greenhills Branch: 571-3852 (for deliveries, pls. call 570-8610)
SM Megamall Branch: 655-0968
Eton Centris Branch: 709-7004
Dela Rosa Makati Branch: 503-7338

e: goldenhouseoflasagna@­





House of Lasagna’s Palatable Menu Will Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures

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