Cara x Jagger Starring Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Ruru Madrid Will Surely Tug at your Heartstrings!

Written by Mia Abigan
Photos by Janjan Capili

“Pinakamasakit balikan yung mga masasayang moments kasi maaalala mong tapos na rin sila.”

OUCH. ang sheket naman besh, pero in fairness may point ka.

They say life is like a rollercoaster because whatever comes up must also come down. That’s what so scary about happy moments—the thought that a sad moment must be coming up next. But ultimately, it’s also what makes those happy moments happier, and those sweet moments even sweeter.

“Cara x Jagger” by APT Entertainment and Cignal Entertainment

Enter Cara (played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith) and Jagger (played by Ruru Madrid). Their love story is not your typical rom-com kind; it’s different and special. Cara is a girl who can’t forget—every single event that has ever happened in her life feels like it just happened yesterday. It’s always just so fresh in her mind. So when she meets Jagger on a train ride, things turn out for the better (and worse).  As it turns out, Jagger ends up playing a very significant role in her life. He’s more than just a stranger and it’s up to her to fill in that empty void. It’s up to Cara to remind Jagger of who he was like and what his memories contained through their shared moments.

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WheninManila team recently sat down with Jasmine and Ruru for an interview for their first on-screen pairing in the film “Cara X Jagger.”

The Kapuso actors shared that under the brilliant direction of Ice Idanan, as well as with the cooperation of their supporting actors, filming the movie was a breeze! Jasmine Curtis-Smith shares, “I think for me, the entirety ng project na nagkakilala at nakabuo ng friendships from it. That was my biggest take away na good memory. ”

But more importantly, the film talks about the importance of forgiveness and acceptance. Ruru shares: “Sabi nga nila, parang once na ma-forgive mo yung sarili mo, mas makakaforgive ka sa mga ibang tao.

Truly, forgiving someone has never been an easy feat, but we can never feel at peace if we don’t learn to let go and forgive. The wounds made will always remain fresh if you choose to refuse and acknowledge things from happening.

Watch our interview below:

Cara X Jagger is a film produced by APT Entertainment and Cignal Entertainment. Built around the premise of a girl who can’t forget and a guy who can’t remember, Cara X Jagger is sure to give you your daily dose of hugot! Not to mention, the film will also be Jasmine’s very first leading role in a mainstream movie.

“Cara X Jagger” will be shown in cinemas starting November 6, 2019.

Watch the official trailer below:

Are you excited to see Jasmine and Ruru together on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!


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