You can no longer download TikTok and WeChat in this country starting Sept 20

In a move to block China-based apps in the United States, the US Commerce Department announced that it plans on enforcing a ban on downloading WeChat and TikTok. Starting September 20, these two apps will no longer be available in US app stores, including those operated by Apple and Google.

Although this will not erase the app from existing TikTok and WeChat users, they will not be able to get future updates on both apps. As for those who do not have the app, they will not be able to download them after the aforementioned date. However, the TikTok app will be completely prohibited on November 12 unless both the US government and the app’s parent company ByteDance reach an agreement regarding security.

Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

On the other hand, immediate restrictions on WeChat are more extensive than that of TikTok. Current WeChat users will no longer be able to do transactions on their devices.

These actions follow US President Donald Trump’s executive order dated August 6, where he claimed that TikTok and WeChat collect data from Americans, which in turn can be accessed by the Chinese government. For violating said order, the administration threatens to fine violators up to $1 million and imprison them for up to 20 years.

Apple and Google have yet to respond to this statement.

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