Calum Scott: More Than Just a British Crooner

I used to listen to the songs ‘You Are The Reason’ and ‘Dancing On My Own’ on a music streaming app on repeat. I don’t know why, but everytime I hear Calum’s voice, I don’t just hear music; I feel his emotions, too. Just before October ended, I finally got to see him perform live at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao.

When he first sang, I got goosebumps all over my body. I squealed ‘IS THIS RECORDED!?’ because I could honestly swear that his live voice is way, way better than his recorded voice and the recorded one already sounds really great. What really caught my attention during the entire concert, though, were his spiels before singing another song.

I have watched a few live concerts this year and I must say, Calum is one of the sincerest artists I have ever heard. I watched how he got the golden buzzer in Britain’s Got Talent and saw how he really strived to make a meaningful mark in the music industry. It’s amazing how he inspires a lot of people through his music.

His song that struck me the most was his newest single ‘No Matter What’. While I knew that he is gay, I didn’t really know his story. At first, I thought that his songs were really just about love and finding a place in this world. However, in this song, he sang about acceptance. This is his story. This is a song about how he was accepted by his parents. And this song proves that there is no greater love than a parent’s love, especially that of a mother. He sang about how terrified he was in admitting who he really is, but his parents loved him no matter what and I think that is the biggest love that we all deserve: to be accepted for who we are by the people who matter most.

After he sang his new single, I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. He opened each and every one’s heart in that theater. He made me realize that no matter what insecurities I have, no matter what failures I have in life; there will always be someone who will love us: our parents. Sometimes, we neglect them. Sometimes, we look farther just to find the love that we think we deserve not knowing that this love can actually be found in our own homes. There are parents who are not vocal about how much they love their kids; but just stop, put down your phone and look up, and you’ll see and feel that somehow, one way or another, they love and accept you.

Calum Scott has the power to open up undiscovered feelings through his songs. To be honest, I saw my fellow spectators at the concert shed some tears during the emotional parts of his show. Honestly, I couldn’t help but thank Ovation Productions so much for this experience.

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