Call for Help for Baby Jerico Immanuel’s Medical Needs

Jerico Immanuel was born premature on November 18, 2015. He has multiple congenital anomalies; PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus). From Wikipedia, “The ductus arteriosus is a fetal blood vessel that closes soon after birth. In a PDA, the vessel does not close and remains “patent” (open), resulting in irregular transmission of blood between the aorta and the pulmonary artery.” This causes congestion in his lungs so he is on oxygen support 24/7. He also has imperforate anus, and had to undergo surgeries on his second day of life (colostomy and exploratory laparoscopy), he now poops in a colostomy bag. He has Down’s syndrome causing him to have weaker muscle tones, his upper airway is not yet developed making it difficult to swallow this is why he takes milk through a feeding tube.
Call for Help for Baby Jerico Immanuel's Medical Needs

He spent the first 67 days of his life in the NICU, came home for a month where he gained weight and responded well to physical therapy. However, he contracted pneumonia and had to be admitted to the PICU for almost a month.

Jerico is home again, and is getting better and bigger each day.

We have been blessed with very generous donors; family, friends and even complete strangers. They all offered masses, prayers and cash donations. It is with their help that we were able to afford both confinements. We also got Imman a PWD ID so we can get discounts with hospital procedures, confinements and medicines.

 Call for Help for Baby Jerico Immanuel's Medical Needs

We still have checkups with his doctors, he has a minimum of two per visit. Repeat procedures (x-rays, 2D echos, ECGs), oxygen support, physical therapy sessions, vaccinations and private duty nurse fees. These hospitalizations left us with almost none. This is why we are humbly asking for your help so we can sustain our baby’s medical needs. You can refer to the links below to see more information about our baby.

Thank you and God bless!

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