Caffe Pascucci: The Triumph of Artistry and Coffee

Caffe Pascucci: The Triumph of Artistry and Coffee  

In a generation where coffee shops are popping up everywhere like mushrooms, it can be difficult to find cafes that will entice your tastebuds and tap into your inner artist at the same time. Well, Caffe Pascucci does just that. Located at the Ground Floor of New Glorietta 2, Cafe Pascucci serves spectacular coffee and has an eye-catching environment to boot.

Cafe Pascucci (6)

Cafe Pascucci (7)

Caffe Pascucci is an Italian coffee shop chain with different branches worldwide. Its beautiful walls are noticeable all over the shop. Some are covered in art, some in chaotic and colourful graffiti, and some in tame, elegant and intricate patterns. The designs are unique and uncommon, and their tables and chairs are brandished with bold red and black colors that customers are sure to love.

We got a taste of Caffe Pascucci’s wonderful coffee and pastries. Their Paspuccio has a beautiful caramel design on top and is served lukewarm. This coffee is also light and sweet to the taste, especially once you mix the caramel with the coffee. They also have stronger coffees just like their Mokaccino and Caffelatte.

Cafe Pascucci (1)Paspuccio

Cafe Pascucci (2)


Cafe Pascucci (3)



Caffe Pascucci also makes their own Ricotta Cheese, which they use for their Cannoli di Ricotta – an uncommon dish here in the Philippines. They also have a muffin that we’d like to call the ‘Ferrero‘ Muffin: their Hazelnut Truffle Muffin! It’s fun and sweet – pure bliss in a muffin.


Cafe Pascucci (4)

 Cannoli di Ricotta

Cafe Pascucci (5)

Hazelnut Truffle Muffin with our drinks


Caffe Pascucci has a dynamic and innovative look that’s here to challenge our contemporary coffee shops. They have a selection of great coffees and delectable pastries that everyone can enjoy. Caffee Pascucci is one of the best places to hang out, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Head on out to Makati and try out Caffee Pascucci for a one-of-a-kind experience! 

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Caffe Pascucci Shop


Ground Floor of New Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City


Twitter: @caffepascucciph



Caffe Pascucci: The Triumph of Artistry and Coffee


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