SALT: the local steakhouse with a purpose.

When in Manila , one will realize that it’s a labyrinth of roads full of commercial establishments. Occasionally, one sees a restaurant unlike any other. A restaurant like SALT  steakhouse , a  hole-in-the wall hideaway for budget food lovers located in the quaint area of Makati City.  

SALT  The ingredient for a perfect steakhouse dinner  (1)

 SALT  steakhouse is located in Fermina st. corner Enriquez,  a remote place sandwiched between A Venue and Rockwell area. 


SALT  steakhouse is a restaurant with a purpose–to bind people together in wisdom and food. As I interviewed one of its owners, Jobet dela Cruz, I found out that SALT  steakhouse is just almost two months old. He and his buddies, now co-owners, were offered the place where SALT now stands at a very low price despite big names fighting over the property. After realizing that the property was available exactly on the day that they prayed for was a big sign from God and a go signal for them to start SALT. Now,  SALT  steakhouse is a restaurant that doesn’t just serve quality food at a friendly price but also gathers its customers together in wisdom and love. 

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 Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be always full of grace seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.


Colossians 4:6 is the inspiration for the name SALT  and indeed, people there came not just to eat but to also have meaningful conversations. It’s like coming home to a community where everyone’s there to have a serene time with food and friends.  

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 SALT steakhouse ‘s interior is minimalist, nothing overdone and cluttered. 



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There are also tables outside for customers who prefer dining at peace with the fresh air surrounding the area. 


SALT steakhouse ‘s menu is the simplest one I’ve ever seen and I find that suitable to their overall brand. It makes it easier to decide what to eat. Nothing too fancy. Everything’s basic but delicious and memorable enough to eat again. (and again)  

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 The highest price is only 320, definitely wallet-friendly. 


Read on to get to know SALT steakhouse ‘s food.