Cafe By The Ruins: A Place for Friendship and Fresh Food


 Cafe By The Ruins



I’ve been so curious about Cafe By The Ruins for the longest time, so I made a promise to myself to check it out the next time we visit Baguio. I’ve seen lots of photos of it on facebook and many of my friends have also recommended this place as well! Fortunately during the last time we were in Baguio, we heard two of our online friends from Bahrain (Dexter and Myra Garcia) who were also photography enthusiasts were on vacation in Baguio so we knew it was the perfect time to finally check the place out!



I never thought that the place was truly historical and what made it even more special was the fact that  Cafe By The Ruins was not just a place of good food but also a place which started out with a bunch of friends who shared a common passion for great food and great company! Sounds like our ideal spot… a place filled with warm stories and memories!





They serve a nice selection of Filipino and Asian well loved-family recipes. Allow us to show you what we had…

Stuffed Lemon Grass Stalks (photo by Dexter Garcia)

If I remember right, this dish was of Laos Origin. It had chicken inside and was highly flavorful and aromatic! 




Cafe By The Ruins’ Kesong Puti Salad (photo by Dexter Garcia)

Fried Kesong Puti on a bed of fresh greens! 




Tita Susie’s Crispy Tapa  (photo by Dexter Garcia)

I liked these tapa flakes very much! Crispy n tasty! Very filling!



I believe this is their version of Bistek  using Terderloin beef! Another certified winner!

(photo by Dexter Garcia)




Baguio Bagnet  by Cafe By The Ruins (photo by Dexter Garcia)

I was actually surprised when our guest photographer Dexter Garcia told us that it was his first ever time to experience Bagnet. I’m glad he enjoyed it a lot!




I believe that Cafe By The Ruins has been very successful in bringing friends and family together through good food, no wonder many people are drawn to this place whenever they feel the need to have a great time! I really admire people who hold this passion in maintaining a venue for people to bond. We shared a very lovely evening that night. It felt like we were having a meal while catching up with old friends when in reality, we only saw each other the first time! Ahhhh life is truly great when shared with great food and a great bunch!

So when in Baguio and looking for a place to spend quality time, be sure to visit Cafe By The Ruins!





Cafe by the Ruins

23 Chuntug Street, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

For reservations or other inquiries please call their LANDLINE (074) 442 4010





Thank you so much to our friend Dexter Garcia for the stunning shots! 





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Cafe By The Ruins: A Place for Friendship and Fresh Food

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