Cafe Blush: A Luxurious Parisian Experience

Feeling gloomy? Head inside Emporium and make your way to “Café Blush” for some good vibes and an unforgettable dine-in! Its pastel environment gives off an aesthetic vibe, and the place is pastel-perfect for Instaworthy photos! 

The Parisian-theme cafe offers a relaxing stay for its guests and accentuates a true luxurious experience. As you enter the cafe, the pink and green luminous interiors, the lavishing paper floral roses hanging from the ceiling, the incandescent lighting, the glimmering shelves and the smiles from the faces of the staff and diners, offer a very inviting and welcoming space.

Café Blush, is a perfect place for a quiet afternoon tea or a relaxing breakfast with your family, an intimate date with your lover, or a fun catchup with your best friend. Don’t forget to capture the moments and enjoy the experience, though!

The pastel coloured menu highlighting the red bold floral name “Blush” perfectly matches the theme of the cafe and awaits diners to turn its pages and show exciting choices of food and beverages.  The pink tea sets and the shimmering golden cutlery caters for a true dainty dining experience

Café Blush, truly gives out a blissful moment dining in, having a cup of tea or a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne, enjoying cakes and scones, or sipping on a coffee. Its tempting menu of Italian-Japanese fusion of pasta and parfait is just irresistible.


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