LOOK: There are Gorgeous New Additions to the STABILO Pastel Family!

I have been a fan of STABILO for the longest time. After all, I grew up with the brand in Germany. Even after moving to the Philippines, STABILO has played a big part in my creative life, but it isn’t until a few years ago that I discovered the beauty of their pastel collections.

I still remember it clearly: one of my law student fans went absolutely crazy looking for the new STABILO pastel highlighters at the time; and when she found them, she hoarded them and gave them as gifts to her other law student friends. Apparently, pastel was a big thing. And I have to admit: I have fallen under the pastel spell now, too.

Whether it’s Paris, New York, Berlin or Milan: the catwalks of the great fashion capitals have been dominated by subtle pastel shades for some time now. With the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL and the STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove, trendsetter STABILO has brought these soft colors to desks everywhere. The STABILO highlighters’ pastel nuances have become real highlighting stars. And now, STABILO swing cool is also available as a Pastel Edition.

In this slimmer and handier format, it’s much easier to create stylish pastel highlights, don’t you think?

The STABILO swing cool Pastel Edition’s six colors are absolute eye-catchers – a real highlight among highlighters. Whether touch of turquoise, milky yellow, pink blush, lilac haze, creamy peach or hint of mint: the subtle shades are the perfect complement to striking neon colors.

The STABILO swing cool Pastel Edition doesn’t just stand out thanks to its soft nuances, but also its timelessly elegant design. The subtlety of the colors is also perfectly complemented by the white caps and practical, white clips. As such the STABILO swing cool Pastel Edition provides a soft touch both on paper and in your pencil case.

The slim pens can be hidden away in any pencil case or handbag with the flick of a wrist. Perfect for long days at school, important lectures or your office desk. The calming, harmonious colors of the STABILO swing cool Pastel Edition conjure up positive thoughts and provide inspiration. Their soft nuances clearly draw attention to passages and guide the reader through the text.

Anyone who pulls the STABILO swing cool Pastel Edition out of their pocket can show off a practical and highly stylish accessory that will catch everyone’s eye. On paper and in their hand.

Along with the STABILO Swing Cool, subtle pastel shades are available in the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL, the STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove, the STABILO point 88 and the STABILO Pen 68.

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