Get Butternut Pandesal and other Adoughrable Flavors from this Online Shop

Throughout the quarantine, we’ve seen people’s creativity at its finest. From whipped dalgona coffee to sushi bakes, people have been creating masterpieces with food as their medium. The classic Filipino pandesal is no exception to that.

The humble pandesal is a constant on every Filipino table. It’s warm, fluffy, and soft— perfect for breakfast, merienda, or basically any time of the day. While some fill it up with a sweet filling, others choose a savory route. No matter how you enjoy this piece of bread, though, there’s no denying how tasty it is.

Because of its popularity, many bakeries and online shops have reinvented the pandesal by giving it different flavors. First, there was the highly popular ube and cheese pandesal, then came quirky ones like matcha, red velvet, and even butternut!

Flavours by Yna Pandesal 3

For those who want to get a taste of the rainbow, Flavours by Yna is where you can find some brightly colored bread.

Flavours by Yna Pandesal

The brainchild and passion project of Yna Ramos, Flavours by Yna was established during quarantine. She currently offers flavored pandesal in her menu, each one infused with a delectable filling. This game-changer transcends the classic pandesal we all know and love, even more than the hip and trendy ube and cheese pandesal.

Flavored Pandesal

Flavours by Yna offers eight amazing flavors to choose from. These include:

  • PandeTsoko-Nutella: a cross between chocolate and Nutella, this brown pandesal comes with a nutty and gooey filling. It’s not too rich and not too sweet.
  • PandeUbe: an ode to the ever-so trendy ube and cheese pandesal, this purple pandesal features a filling of ube halaya and salty cheese. You really get a strong taste of ube here, quite unlike the variants that only use flavoring.
  • PandeVelvet: a red velvet pandesal dyed in rich red tones. This one comes with a gooey cream cheese filling and a subtle chocolatey taste in the bread.
  • PandeMatcha: a bright green pandesal filled with a matcha and cream cheese filling. The salty cream cheese masks the grassiness of the matcha, making the earthy flavors more subtle.
  • PandeButternut: a yellow pandesal filled with peanut butter. While not a replica of the butternut donuts we all know and love, this nutty flavor paired with a buttery soft exterior is yummy all the same.
  • PandeBerry: a bright, electric blue pandesal filled with blueberry and cream cheese, this variant was easily my favorite. It’s fruity, sour-sweet, and creamy all rolled in a neat package!
  • PandeSnowberry (New!): a variant that takes inspiration from the PandeBerry, this flavor features a fruity strawberry cream cheese filling. Fans who want something summery and refreshing will definitely enjoy this.
  • PandeCheesy Ham (New!): a savory option that includes a delectable ham, cheese, and mayonnaise filling in a warm pandesal. This is perfect for those who want a handheld breakfast treat!

Flavours by Yna Pandesal 2

How to Order

For only Php240, you can get a dozen of these pandesal flavors in a box, which you can customize depending on what catches your fancy. For orders and inquiries, message them on Facebook or Instagram. Yna will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Deliveries will be coming from Valenzuela, though, so make sure to factor that into your shipping costs. However, trust me when I say the pandesal is worth the wait.

Which pandesal are you eyeing?

Flavours by Yna


Instagram: @flavoursbyyna

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